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Lightbulb New to pet mice, any and all advice welcome, plus questions

Hello all, I have had my 2 mice Erza and Juvia, both girls, for about 2 weeks now. They have a one level cage and a three level cage attached by tubes, and a small tube tunnel lookout as well. They have two excersize wheels, a plastics igloo, a wooden hut hideout, chewable branch to climb on, a food bowl and water bottle in each cage, and I give them fresh toilet paper tubes as often as I have them.

I feed them kaytee fiesta mouse mix, and they get papaya stems stuffed with treats once a week. I've given them apples but they didn't eat it, a banana piece which they loved, but haven't explored other foods just yet.

I have a schedule to change out their bedding once a week, I put on a glove and pick up poo and wet bedding every afternoon, which is also when I give them fresh water and check how much food they have. When I check the food I am looking to see if their picking out particular foods, because I want to see them eat all of it instead of enabling them to be picky by taking out what they didn't eat and refilling it.

When I do this I also take the tubes out and give them a good washing in hot water with unscented dish soap, and once a week a soak in hot water with half a cap of bleach. I always make sure you can no longer smell any cleaning supplies on the plastic, and carefully hand dry them so no drops are left on. The wheels and food bowls are also soaked.

Since they are new to the home we haven't handled them much aside from moving them when we change the bedding, but we talk to them frequently throughout the day and we let them take food bits off our hands(washing before and after) when we fill their food. But we would love to be able to handle them more in time.

I would love any and all advice, if I'm doing anything wrong, feel welcome to tell me! Also, I have a cold so I'm trying to limit my contact with them, and always using gloves if I touch anything in the cage and I am not hand feeding while I'm sick. Can they catch my cold?
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