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Surprise! I'm a mouse mom o_O

So I recently moved to a new city and a few days later coming home to my apartment I see this little white blur run from my apartment door to the staircase. I take a closer look and it is a little white mouse with pink eyes. I put my hand out and the little thing came right up to it, but wouldn't let me touch her. So I went inside and came out with a coffee cup. She stepped right in.

I placed her in a square tin box with some soft tissues, airspace, and some water soaked kibble (pictures). Next day I set up a nice 10 gallon tank habitat, which she loves XD, along with proper mouse food. But she had this huge lump on her back. I took her to the vet and they dx an abscess (probably a cat injury), which they had to clean and drain, and gave me some medicine to take home (OMG the cost of that vet bill! Sheesh!). I can tell she's stressed, but generally okay and I think she will be fine in a few days. Poor thing. I named her Kismet. But how she came to my door, and how long she was out there alone, will probably always be a mystery.But hey, yeah, um, now I have a pet mouse! A "welcome to the neighborhood" type mouse I guess, lol.

A mouse pet is a first for me. I had gerbils for several years, so I know a bit about rodent care, though I'm sure there are species differences. Which is why I am here on the forum
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