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Ferret Breeders??

Hi all, I was just curious if anybody knew of any possible Ferret breeders either in the Chicagoland area, Kenosha/Milwaukee area of Wisc. or even possibly the northern part of Indiania. At this time we have what I like to call a mini petting zoo, however my husband just loves Ferrets. I have been doing some searching online and can come up with NOTHING, as far as breeders go around here, I really don't want to get one from a pet store as I have heard so many stories on that subject. My husband's birthday is coming up towards the end of February and I would love to be able to get him one as I know he would just love that. I personally don't know much about ferrets, unlike my husband, so is it okay to just get one? I am asking you all this, because I don't want to bring suspicion to the hubby, lol If I happen to find a breeder or if you all can help me find a breeder, what qualities should I look for in a healthy ferret? and should I buy one that is already descented, neutered ect, and if not neutered (providing it's a male) when should I get him neutered ect. Sorry for all the quiestions but Ferrets are a new thing to me. If you can help I would greatly appreciate it thanks
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