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Originally Posted by Trish2002 View Post
Hi, I'm new here. I am also a new pet owner. Been trying to get one for quite some time now but my ex bf is allergic to so many type of animals so I couldn't just get one for myself since we were living together. Right now, I am free as bird and got myself a German Shepherd named Duke and a horse named Christine. I have been looking into methods to keep them healthy and taking care of them like family. While checking online and looking for options, I stumbled on a website about transdermal CO2. It is said to improve the microcirculation of animals. One thing that caught my attention was that the product can cause a focused & calm nervous system, improved mental health, quick stress reduction & muscle relaxation. I wanted to try that one and I just like to get any thoughts from you guys if its okay?

Hi Trish2002,

That's good news! I really appreciate people who love animals. What you are saying about CO2 is quite fascinating. I'm not sure how it will help my dogs but I would love to know more.
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