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Exclamation glider questions

My hubby, feeling a little left out of my chin infatuation, needed a pet of his own. So as a wedding present to ourselves, we brought home a little sugar glider. We had done all the necessary research and we thought we were prepared for the addition......but to make a long story short, hubby now has a new appreciation for the chins and wants another one of those!!! Nas (our glider) is extremely nippy- at times she even strikes out at us! I've been keeping her pouched in my shirt all day and trying to give her play time at night. She's not really interested in playing either- I was told maybe she had low sugar and to give her some honey, but it didn't work at all- she still just wanted to hide wherever she could. Last night things were starting to look up as she had been very quiet and not biting and was enjoying running around our glider-proofed bathroom. Then she was climbing on honey (we were sitting real still to just let her do her own thing) and as soon as she got down his arm to where there was skin, she started going to town! We were told to "take the bite" as the best way to make her stop, but she acted like she wanted to eat him!!
Sorry to be so long- I'm just trying as hard as I can and I guess I'd just like some reassurance that this will get better and any advice too!
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