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Question Possible Weight Issue???

As most of you know I adopted 2 guinea girls this past sunday from a member that had rescued them. Anyhow both girls were clearly over weight as I was already informed prior to adopting them, they have been on some what of a diet, to help control the weight issue. Here is my quiestion, on Monday the 10th we weighed the 2 girls, Callie weighed in at 839 grams, and KiKi weighed in at 785 grams. On a hunch we weighed them again tonight, just to see how they are progressing, now only 3 days later, Callie still weighing in at 839 grams, but KiKi is now weighing 910 grams. I feel that is alot of weight gain in such a short time, does anybody have any suggestions, or am I just being over cautious? The reason for weighing them in grams, was to track their weight a little better. If anybody can give any advice on this matter, I would greatly appreciate it, Thanks
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