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Smile funny cat story

My youngest son Jacob, found this cat, where I have no idea, he just brought him home, Well he was about 8 weeks old and was very hungry, so being the animal lover that I am, brought him inside and gave him some food, Well my son Named him Major, he is solid black and funny as a clown.

Major is 6 month old now and he likes to ride in the car when you DON'T know it. I have taken him to school many times and he will scare 10 years off me everytime.....Well Today my hubby ,who is not fond of my many animals took Major for a ride to I get a call when I get back from taking kids to school and he says I have the d*** cat in the van. I couldn't help but laugh. My hubby is a softy when it comes to down to it, But he will never tell you that. Now I saw Major this morning and knew he was here when I left. I asked him how did he get in yourvan, well it seems he forgot something and had to come back and get it, he left the van running and it was warm in there, so Major climbed in and was enjoying the Until he scared the crap out of James...... So I had to go get him, Major was curled up in front sit sleeping when I got there. Like "what's up, mom". So we had a nice ride back and he climbed out of my truck and walked to his little house and laid down.

Crazy Cat!

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