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Oh this cat won't let me sleep

Posted 03-17-2009 at 05:24 AM by

Dear Wilson will not let me sleep. Be has been demanding to be petted all night and right now at 5:12am he is just sitting on me trying to look me directly in the eye as it to say " What do you think you are doing right now, writing a blog post about me when you should be petting and scratching my butt".

He soulds like a lawn mower right now just purring away he's given up threatning me and just fell asleep. He's snoring too.At least he's not trying to eat the silicon case on my iPod, meaning I can properly type this out, on the small and sensitive keyboard without a large cat year in my way.

As I am now writing a moment by moment right now I guess I shod mention that he now hAs his paw, his dirty little paw on my chin.

I believe that my dear little Wilson is trying to purposly keep me up! At least it's March break and I could sleep all day if and wanted to that's if this cat would let me.

He has just meowed and turned away from me, still sitting on me though. He's just curled up in a ball now, sleeping on my stomach.

It's 5:24 now I think I am going to at least try and sleep some more.
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