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It is total gecko mayhem and alcatraze

Posted 06-02-2009 at 10:42 PM by

So well to start off I am really bad at keeping blogs going. I mean I can start them and all
but after that it's is hopeless. I'll forget about it come back a few weeks later... And I never know what to write. Well yeah Bout your life and everything but I hate when people know what I am doing. It's kind of creepy when you think about it. That is why I don't have any of this Facebook and Twitter nonsence. Well I did have facebook before but I just got to be to Annoying and well people can just get to much information about you.

Wow that turned into a bit of a rate but it is true. This blog right here is propably the only one that I some what keep up with, although I is the only blog that will let me write while I am on my iPod (yes I an too lazy to go downstairs and use real computer, plus how do you think I write lYe night posts about the cat trying to eat me in my sleep )

Ok so I guess that I will stop going on and on for now and get to the real topic of this blog post- of these crazy geckos!!!!

So S most of you know I got my first crested gecko on April 19th at the Reptile Expo and know I have two Dult geckos a male and a female that I just got on Sunday as a late birthdy present from my parents. So now I have tiny my first gecko, Lewis my new male gecko and the in named female who the rest of this post is going to be about.

When I checked on the geckos last night before I went to they were both hanging out of the sides of the tank. When I checked them in the morning I only saw Lewis, thinking hat the female was just in the very bushy tree I thought nothing about it. So I come home and I am going to take some pictures of them for another forum. Well I get Lewis out and can't find the female , so I rip the whole tank apart. Yeah she's not in there. So I have to tear my whole room apart and of course she does not turn up. I few hours later I come up to my room and there she is sitting next to the tank. I put her back in and seal the area I thought she escaped from.
Again I come to my room to sleep and where is she? Not in her tank but climbing on Tinys tank.
Needless to say I didn't put her back in the tank. She is now in a shoe box sized box (Reptile Transportation Unit) she ain't going no where now.
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