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Rats. Who'da thunk?

Posted 03-09-2010 at 06:26 PM by
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One sunny day in March of 2009 I sat in front of my mouse tank watching the remaining three old ladies from my previously large colony of mice amble about on their micey business. The creaks of their little arthritic bones was a nice counterpoint to the squeak of the slowly turning exercise wheel.

They were almost three years old. That's, what? 275 in mouse years? Maybe I should get some more. But, no, colony was finally stable after the "Mrs. White Pale-and-tragic" affair of six months prior, so I realized that I wouldn't be adding new victims to the mix until this group had passed on.

But as I watched the mouse ladies play, I realized I was feeling restless. I was ready for another pet.

I still had my two lady dogs. But the dogs were old and toothless and quite content with sleeping in the kitchen for their daily exercise. My five year old son had given up his tendency to chew on the baseboards only the last year, so I really wasn't interested in starting over by adding a puppy to the mix.

What kind of pet would work then?

Cat? Allergies.
Guinea pig? Hairy dustbuster.
Another rabbit? *horrible flashbacks *
More herps? Mneh
More birds? Never again if I wanted to keep my marriage.
More gerbils? Houdinis.
Another hamster? Rush Limbaughs with no tail.
More arachnids? More hedgehogs? More children?

I wanted something fairly low mess, non-smelly, and quiet enough not to drive my long suffering husband to homicide. Something with loads of personality, smart enough and social enough to bond, something fairly short lived, and something tolerant enough to handle the occasional unexpected without taking my hand off. Such a pet can't exist. Rats, I was out of luck.


I'd wanted a rat wa-a-ay back in the day before I'd been allowed to shave my legs. But, I left that fancy behind when I discovered boys. But now, Yeah! I could get a rat.

I remembered my obligatory crazy animal friend who had more animals than the San Diego Zoo. She had a rat. Apparently it had been unpalatable to her python so she kept it as a pet. It was neurotic and nippy but it was cute...and I remembered reading that they normally made good pets.

Time to do some research. To the Internet, Batman! And the library. And the book store. And yes! They were all my would be rat lover's heart could hope for in a pet.

I decided I wanted my first experience to be the best possible. After all, this could be an addiction in the making, so I should get it started right. Which meant, according to my sources, finding a good breeder. Which I did. I am not a card carrying library lady for nothing.

What? I should get more than one? Oh, okay. Three rats are better than two? Well, that makes sense. I should really start out with four? Six? Twelve? Wait a minute.

My aquarium didn't have enough ventilation? One Martin's on the way.

Be prepared for URI, CHF, ABCs, and 123s? Vet on speed dial.

Socialization? Nutrition? Sanitation? Mites? Abscesses? Tumors? Cultural bias? Penis Plugs??? *wibble *

6 MONTH WAIT???? hurmkay.....*sob * Surely this will be worth it in the end. The literature supports that this will be worth it. Surely.

So, fast forward to March 2010. My kids are home. All three of them.

I just got a kiss on my nose from my cheekiest boy.

Yeahhhhh. It's worth it.

Rats. Who'da thunk?
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    Despereaux's Avatar
    LOL, great story of your decision.
    Posted 03-23-2010 at 10:26 PM by Despereaux Despereaux is offline
    Storyseeker's Avatar
    Whah thank you
    Posted 03-26-2010 at 02:45 PM by Storyseeker Storyseeker is offline
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