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Advice On Kitty Wormers Year Round


My name is Anya and I have a question. I am looking for more of advice and what other cat owners do. I already know all the medical parts of it, as I am an animal and veterinary science student, first year. I just need to make up my mind.

I have two Siamese kittens. They have been getting their shots at Petco. Petco has this clinic on Saturdays where you pay for the shots and not the vet visits because, well, you do not get a vet visit. It saves you about $15 on all the shots and the vet visit cost. That helped me out a lot, it saved me over $250. I brought them to the vet because I did want them to have a check up, and she yelled at me for getting them shots at Petco. She was mad that I wanted to finish their last series at Petco. I thought I should finish where I started but she says it doesn’t matter so I am making an appointment in two weeks with her. She is only charging my one vet visits, not two, even though I have two cats. But all that is not the point, it is just background information.

She told me that cats should have wormers all year, every month to three months. Now the first thing that popped into my head was, “They are not horses” with a little confused smiley going around the sentence. I have a hors and know they need wormers year round. She says to get this medicine you put on the back of their neck either every month (expensive but supposedly the best) or the one that you do every three months (not as good but not so expensive, $45 for a year’s worth for one kitten). She said it should be done even though they are indoor cats. Because we can track things into the house, which I understand and am not debating. The medicine prevents/protects against ear mites, hook and round worms, and heart worms.

However, I know do many people, including my Mom, who have cats. They took them to the vet when they were kittens, got the shots at Petco or the vet, and because they were indoor cats, never got them shots or vet appoints again, unless something was wrong. These cats are fine, healthy, a little fat, but healthy. And they have been living a long time. I have talked to several people, including vets, and everyone has their own opinion. Some of the people and vets said because they are indoor cats it does not matter. That they will be indoors and fine. Some people said they should have shots and vet appointments every year even though the only time they would set foot outside would be when they are going to the vet.

Now I was planning on taking them to the vet once a year because they are Siamese and Siamese cats have a lot of health issues and need to be watched carefully. Their teeth rot more; they are highly susceptible to kidney failure. A whole laundry list. But, if I took them to the vet, I would want to go to her because she is fair in price and she specializes in Feline Medicine. But, I would feel the pressure to get them that medicine and the shots. I know dogs and cats are different, but when we had a dog, he got heartworm medicine in the heartworm season, and he got a rabies vaccine whenever he needed it. Nothing else.

My only cat experience, besides what my friends and family do with theirs ----> I adopted a 15-year-old Siamese seal point female from a woman who would not give me her vet records. She assured me everything was ok and that she just went a month ago and only had a littler arthritis. So she would be fine and not need another appoint until a year. I was weary but because the cat was living on top of the stove and was tormented by the woman’s children, puppy, and other cat I adopted her. Eight months later she got sick and I took her to the vet and the vet said she had kidney failure and I had to put her down. It broke my heart but sparked my love for Siamese cats. I miss her so much and getting these little guys was to help ease my pain. I was so attached to her after such a short time and it sickened me to hear the vet say the woman probably knew and that was why she was getting rid of her.

So, I have never really got to own and care for a cat. I want to do the right thing. It is not about the money, it is about, whether it is necessary or is it just the vet doing what she thinks is right? What do you guys do with your cat? What is your personal, not medical, opinion? (You can include some medical facts if you want but I do not want answers right off of some site or book. I could have and have done that myself.) I also do not want any criticism, as I am not looking to feel bad, I am looking to make up my mind. And someone's mind should never be made up because they feel pressured or bad. It should be for logical and sound reasons that they can justify to themselves.


Oh, and just some photos of them. -Smiles- You can see more of them on my myspace.



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Wow... I must admit, I am discouraged and very disappointed that NO ONE has bothered to lend their opinion. I know that some of you guys out on the forums have cats. I actually know a lot of you do. But yet, you do not offer any words of advice.
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yea i think it is too bad no one posted you back.

I have 6 cats and they are driving me crazy, refer to the pissing wars post.

I have not got the money to take cats to the vet unless they are sick. Even then, at this time, there is not much I can do.

However, if i could afford it I would take them in for shots as needed.

I have 2 strays that adopted me and i think they all need wormed, which is getting done this week.

My mother in law had cats out on her former residence on a farm. She did not take them to the vet and they did pretty good most of the time.

what I dont understand is a vet yelling at you. I would not see that vet again and shop around for a vet that understands your needs as a pet owner and is willing to work with you. I have one that is kind of expensive, but she gives me the information I need to do what I can for my animals. that is most important, she does not make me feel that if i can not do all the things medically needed that i am not a good pet owner.
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I have my cats on Interceptor. They were on Revolution, but one of them had a reaction to it (I'm assuming it was actually to the carrier, but I'm not positive). I've heard differing opinions as well. One of the vets I worked with did not have her cats on preventative wormer as she felt the risk was quite low (her main reference being to heartworms). The vet I was taking my cats to at the time felt differently and prescribed the Revolution. I keep my cats on the Interceptor because they haven't had any reactions to it (the research I've done on it have shown it to be quite safe, although you can never assure anything to be completely safe) and I feel that it isn't hurting them and has the potential to provide an additional level of safety. Everyone has to do risk/benefit analysis and decide what is best for their pet.
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advice on cats, kitten wormers

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