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Unhappy Advice wanted: a way to keep my cats in midst of life changes?

I have come to these forums because I am seeking some advice from other pet owners. I currently have 2 cats (both about 5 yrs old) but back last august I ran into some financial problems and had to move back in with my parents who would not let me bring my pets with me. Since than an aquaintance/friend of mine has watched my cats and I pay her $50 a week to do so. She has moved once (a few months ago) and was able to luckily bring my cats with her (it was not a local move). I have visited them every week and during this time I have maintained a full time job in order to try and get back on my feet. However health conditions and time needed to miss work led to me being let go the other week. I had been planning on trying to get my own place again this summer but now it seems I have no idea how long I will be without a job or what my future holds. (I am a 27 yr old female btw). My friend will be moving again in a few months (it is unknown where/if she will be able to take my cats yet with her yet again - further more I feel guilty for them having already been away from me for this long and hate the thought the thought of it being much longer.) So this is what I need advice about: what to do at this point. I love my pets dearly and I have fought very hard to not have to give them up. I have come into some money that will be enough to tide me over for 4-5 months if it should take me that long to get a job so I am wondering what the best options for me are and also for my cats.

So far these are the only options I figure I have:
A.) Adopt them to someone who has a steady life/steady means to support them
B.) Find another foster parent type to watch them (but I dont know how - it was hard as it was finding her and its been hard paying her as much as I have as well...$50 a week is a lot for me)
C.) Is there someway I can maybe rent a small apartment or something mainly to keep my animals at that I could live at 50% of the time...I dont think many people would rent a place to me being jobless but I could offer up 6 months rent money in advance (say for a 6 months lease) is this a completly ludicrous idea?

I just feel very depressed about the situation as a whole, I dont think I know many people who would have faught this hard to keep their pets and I hate feeling like a horrible person/mommy to my pets...any advice/suggestions on what I should do in this strange situation would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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Well. Firstly, don't be so hard on yourself. The same thing happens with human beings in families! If I were you, I would reach out and try to find someone reliable to take them in. Throw some pics on facebook or something. That is a tough situation, it is like having kids. Maybe your parents would be okay with the idea of making them outdoor cats for the time being... Get a nice setup outside, with a place to cool themselves etc. Cats are smart, they may not be super comfortable at the moment, but they should survive and be alright.
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