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Question any idea whats wrong?

i am going to take my two kitties to the vet tommorow but i'm wondering if i could get some opinions from you guys?

Both my cats have been to ALOT of vets lately because i moved to canada with my dad. I've kinda been away for a bit visiting my mom anyway when i came back i was told that my cat Shadow had a bump [later a hernia]. My other kittykat Jazz acted weird atfirst but then started licking me. [Realising this statement made no sence i have added-telling you i meant when i first saw them yesp]

i've been kinda putting off taking Shadow to the vet... i know that's wrong of me but i was a bit nervous about dealing with something that could be _life threatening_ BUt today i was playing with Jazzy and i noticed she had blood on her behind. i went into full panic mode even though it wasn't still bleeding. i checked the litterboxes but there was no sign of blood so i started screaming i needed to go to the vet [i'm not old enough to drive]

While i was away my dad took Shady to another vet and they were kinda guessing but they said they thought she had a murmur because her heart was beating faster than it should and the bump they said was probably a tumor or a hernia. They were pretty sure it was a hernia. So finally we [grandma drivin] got to the vet but they close at 1 so we were too late. [which kind of annoyed me since i might have needed an emergency late visit or something.] Yeah anyway so we went to the other vet and Jazz got examined first since both of my kitties have a very acute hatred of carriers. The vet said the bleeding was probably nothing to worry about but when he took her tempature it was slightly higher than it was supposed to be [i think by a few points], he said she was most likely okay and that i should watch her. Shadow was examined next and he said she had a horrible bump the size of a pear. He said he was going to xray it and when we came back about 4 hours later he said he was quite sure it was lyphoma. He was nice about the no cure part and that he wanted to make it very real to me that this was happening...

yeah so we are taking her for a second opinion tommorow and a 3rd 4rth 5th -10000000099999th until i get to the bottom of the opinion list and i'm getting suggestions it's pixie dust. [the mass] okay so i know i'm being kind of... but i love both of my cats very much.

then Jazzy disapeared for a while and when me and my brother went searching for her she came running at us from our neighbors porch. but when she lept onto the table she left a bit of blood there.

Tommorow they're going for second opinion.

worry info;

Like the vet that said it was lymphoma has experience with this kind of thing lots so maybe he's just use to a mass being that or something like going to dermatologist `spelling?~ about a skin related thing and having it diagnosed as a skin disease when maybe its some not skin related thing. yeah...

shadow has lots of goo around her eyes these days i mean not overflowing just a bit in the corner maybe once every 2 days. And Jazz has a bit in her eyes too less than Shadow and it's not yellow i mean its clear.

the fever for Jazz might've just been because it was kinda hot in the car on the way there and she was panting. i mean i've never seen her pant. and her heart was kind of racing and she was making those little meows. yeaqh i guess thats nothing to worry about really.

i haven't been here [repeating self] so i haven't been able to cut their nails and Shadows are kind of making a circle form. I use to have these scissors with like kinda a hole in the middle so it sort of crushed the nail and it worked really well. I tried using normal scissors to cut them but they didn't work and i can't find the old ones, and the pet store around here has the one with holes but also a bunch of just normal type looking ones. Could you tell me what you use?

Is there any chanse that both my cats have a same thing?

Also Jazz has been sick a bit lately but i'm almost sure that's just some hair ball stuff. (She likes to play with the brush whenever it gets to her.)
[Oh forgot to mention the vet said when they xrrayed Shadow trhey found no sign of a heart murmur][the 2nd time][at the other vet] [probably completely unrelated and dumbly humorfilled kinda why do both my cats act so .... at the vet? if i even tried to hold one of them by their necks they would claw the behjeevies out of me] [ also Shadow is kinda of chubby which i am working on! As far as i can tell both of them are eating and drinking normally but it's confusing keeping track since there 3 food bowls, 2 what bottles- which get knocked over constantly-, and i sometimes feed them canned, and honestly a tiny bit every now and now of cooked meat or let them drink some of my water... but i'm worried because today i fed them 2 handfuls of different types of food and it's still not eaten though i gave jazz a small can of fancy feast... am i feeding them to much? how much should i give them?]
{so umm could it be a begnign tumor or not malignant?}
so... forgive any spelling mists , repetions, annoying comments?
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Also Shadow has had a tiny bit of hairloss around her ears i'm wondering if it might be ear mites or maybe just old age? My old vet said that she thought her age is around 14. She was a stray but then i adopted her so i can't tell. Jazz is 5 and umm i think she is a bit too thin. No one seems to think so but me, But she has LOTs of furr and whenever i give her a bath she's just this skinny little thing. She's a mainecoon and Shadow looks a bit like a british shorthair
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I just thought i'd give you guys a update. The vet did a needle point biopsy but it was inconclusive. They say the mass is growing at a rapid pace i want it removed as soon as possible before it gets any bigger but im terrified of what might go wrong. They don't even know what it is. I was reading some surgery stories and some of them said things like "undiscovered heart defect' i'm so scared. I want it taken out before it gets worse but i need to know what it is.

Jazz was put on antibiotics because of an infection but she seems okay now, she's just skinny.

Has anyone ever gone through this or have any suggestions? I could really use them. Feel free to email me or whatever you'd like
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Thumbs up

Gah No one replied. Not even to say any good lucks.

Oh well just thought i'd better give an update just incase. The tumor was removed and it's benign. benign BENIGN benign probably spelt wrong but anyways.
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Oh yay, that's good news! How's are they both doing??

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can't think of one, help
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Oh thats wonderful hope kitty is now on the road to recovery.
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