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Anyone been through this?

I have two female (spayed) cats. One is at a perfectly healthy weight and one is getting obese. I've been free feeding them for 6 years dry food and they share one small pouch (3 ounces) of wet "diet" food each day, but that's more of a "treat." Other than that, they RARELY get any additional "treats." I know the weight problem is directly related to inactivity and her changing metabolism.

I know I need to cut out the free feeding and switch to scheduled meals, but I'm not sure how to do this.

How much should each cat get a day (of dry food) and how many meals should I split it up into?

They are both approaching that "senior" level, so should I give the girl without the weight problem a senior type food and the fat cat a diet food?

These girls are indoor cats only and as you can probably guess the fat one only gets up to eat... LOL occasionally she will still stalk and wrestle her "sister," but it's NEVER been top on her list of priorities, not even as a kitten.
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When I switched my cats from free feeding to "schedualed" feedings I didn't follow the "recomended" dosages on the food packages. What I did was give them a large handful of food. I then allowed them to eat as much as they wanted in one sitting. If you watch them eat (I'm sure there's a few exceptions to this but) you will notice when they leave, or start to look like they are just gorging and not "eating because they are hungry". Whatever amount they ate I used as a base for the amount I give them at each feeding. The cat you want to loose weight could go on either diet. If she is only 6 I would stick with the "weight control" formula for now. You will want to gradually reduce the amount of food she is getting,though it will pry not be reduced by much. Feedings will automatically give less food as they are not snacking all day. I usually feed 3 times a day. Any less then 2 is too far of a stretch for them. Hope that helps a little. I'm sure others have experiences that will help too!

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Firstly, I would check with your vet about putting your kitty on a diet and also have blood taken to rule out a medical condition such as hypothyroidism. Once that has been done, use your vet's recommendation for how much food your cat should be getting. At most, your cat should be losing one pound per month. It is important to keep in close contact with your vet during this time as cats are quite susceptible to fatty liver if they are deprived of food.
As for senoir vs. lite foods, they are very similar in that they have reduced protein and calories. I would check with your vet first, put I don't see a problem with putting them both on senior food.
I also have three scheduled feedings for my cat. The each eat 3/4 cup of food per day. They get 1/4 cup at every feeding. It is just enough food to satisfy them but not enough to gorge on. Depending on the food that you are feeding, the amount of food per day could be different. Check the package for feeding guidelines.
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