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Question Anyone have any ideas?

I am interested in building a cat tree for my cat, Annie. I know, I know, they aren't expensive, I could just buy one, but I really want to make one. I've never *made* anything like this before and am very interested. Has anyone ever done this before? And if so, how? Or does anyone know of any websites that could instruct me on this? Thanks in advance
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ive been wanting to make one. Well my dad is the one that builds well. But he never got to it. I dunno. I wouldnt want to spend like 200 bucks on something my dad could build in a few hrs or so. But im not much help... sorry.
But have fun making one if you do!
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Yea, my fiance said he'd build one, but man, he doesn't have any free time... He works so much
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i looked on yahoo and found a few sites but it seems the better plans, you have to buy a book or whatever, but heres one of the sites.

Maybe that can help a lil. good luck!
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You might be able to borrow a book from your local library instead of buying one. Just a thought.

Also, I would think as long as you know what design you want, you can just buy the materials (wood, carpet, sisal rope, etc.). I think they use a staple gun or glue to put on the carpet. To attach the poles to the base, or the perches to the poles, you can use the L-shaped brackets.

I wanted to build one too but ended up just buying one.
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post #6 of 8 (permalink) Old 05-03-2004, 01:41 AM
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We've built two so far ... mostly from leftover carpet and scrap wood. We built one free standing pole -- which is spring-loaded, and one wall-mounted climber.

The wall-mounted was the easiest to build -- neither were hard. The wall-mounted is a bigger commitment though since it is actually mounted to your wall. You can remove it in a bind ... but not every time that company comes over, you know?

We've also built door-knob hangers which are incredibly easy to build if you need something to hold you over until you can get around to a pole.
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If you go to and look under cat furniture for cat-tree plans you will find a company that sells a CD at reasonable cost is very efficient in helping you build a cat tree.
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My fiance' built one and it turned out really good. It seemed really complicated though and it took him ALL day long! When that one wore out we bought the next one LOL. But if you know someone who is good at building things it would be better than spending all that money.
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