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Angry Bad cat.

I'm new here and literally just made an account to ask this question as I haven't seen any information that helps my specific situation and this forum seemed helpful to others.

I have a cat who is about 10 years old. After a move he started peeing and pooping everywhere. Thinking this was a behavioral problem because of stress from the move my wife and I simply cleaned after the messes and sprayed him with a bottle to show that these were not the correct spot to go in. Another issue we thought that may be causing the behavioral problem was me. I'm was new to him and of course the home was knew so we thought as he got comfortable with both the house and me things would go back to normal.

Since then I have learned that the cat had somewhat of a dominance issue when younger. Peeing on mens dirty clothing if left out, and the male dogs bed. He was neutered as a kitten so that doesn't seem to be a fix for this at all. Though he has not recently urinated on any clothing he will piss and poop on every single surface he can whenever he can get away with it.

His litter box is cleaned and he has no problem using it on a normal basses. But the moment we are not looking, or leave the house with him unattended we come to find small pee stains or poop everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. There is no centralized place he goes. In fact at times when we are home he will run into the next room do a small bit of business and run back. The squirt bottle isn't working as he dislikes it but it seems pretty evident that he knows he's not supposed to do what he's doing but cant help wanting to. in fact no form of punishment or even praise for using the litter box is working.

It has gotten to the point where when we leave we have to place him in the laundry room (where his litter box is) and close the door essentially locking him up so that we don't have to come home to our home smelling like a rest stop bathroom. And when we are home a majority of our time is spent keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn't run off to piss or poop on something... or cleaning up said deeds.

Perfectly healthy, and often happy cat. He is quite nice though temperamental at times. (mostly when you catch him doing the do outside his box) and he will use the box on his own when he wishes to.

After trying everything I have read from praise to punishment I'm at my wits end with this cat. I'm not a cat person at all but I don't hate the animal. Id be fine if he just left me alone and didn't poop everywhere. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Not a bad cat. Cat trying to convey his desires to humans that don't understand his language.

There's several reasons for not eliminating in the litter box; he could have a UTI and squatting in the litter box might hurt, he may not like the litter, if the litter you use is scented, a lot of cats don't like scented litter. He might not like the texture of the litter. You might have to try different types of litter; clay, pine pellets, paper shredding, dirt.... I recently changed my cat's litter to paper shredding, and they love it so much they sleep in it when it's clean, lol. But it's completely unscented, easy to shift and move around, and that's what cats like in their litter box.

He could have kidney disease; cats with kidney disease often don't have control over where, or when they eliminate. It just kind of happens on wherever they happen to be.

Males also scent-mark, a LOT. That's in their nature. He might feel, being in a new house, and even in his old house, that he needs to claim his territory. Again, and again, and again. Judging by what you've said of how he does this, I think his reasoning is probably the scent-marking bit.

You could try adding more litter boxes, with a different type of litter in all of them. He might start using one with a particular litter in it, and from there you can change all the litter boxes to that litter.

Also, for some reason, he may WANT his litter box to get dirty, to feel satisfied that he's done a job well done with marking his territory. Constantly keeping his litter box clean might actually be causing him to feel the need to mark his territory in other places. See, the thing about litter boxes, is they wipe the scent clean. You scoop out the poo and pee clumps, and once a week you wash the entire thing. No scent. The only way a cat has true knowledge of having put his scent there, is by visual memory, no scent to go by. And for some male cats, maintaining their own scent in their own environment/territory is vital.

I think what you should try is buy more litter boxes, put different UNSCENTED litter in each, and spread them all throughout the house. Also, whenever he eliminates in a litterbox(s), don't immediately clean it. You might not like it, but let it sit there for a few days. You might actually find that he'll stop eliminating wherever he pleases, and you might actually notice him calming down, satisfied with the knowledge that he's marked his territory in this foreign place. Especially, with you, being new to him, that could also be the other reason he's so rabid about scent-marking. You're another male, and thus competition for "his" woman, and yes...cats know the gender of their people, human males and human females also smell differently, especially to creatures whose sense of smell far outranks our own.

Some cats are fine with their eliminations being immediately taken away, other cats, like your rabid little furball, NEED their eliminations to stay there as a form of acknowledgment. "Yes, okay, I've been here, good, good." Especially male must expect, when you take away the male cat's, uuhh....scrotum by neutering them, you generally take away their mentality to spray to mark their territory. Which is good! Don't get me wrong! But you must expect, as the unfortunate, but much more manageable part of that, for them to mark their territory in a different way.

Obviously I'm not saying to leave the messes he makes on the table and pile of clothing and stuff, that would just be...gross and unsanitary, lol. Keep cleaning up the messes, and give him a firm, "No!" when you see him do it. You cannot scold an animal for doing something that's already been done, you have to catch them in the act or else the scolding means nothing to them. If he's already done it and you weren't there, just clean it up, without a word to him. I'm thinking, with all the litter boxes, and any litter box(s) he eliminates in maintaining his scent for a few days, he'll get the picture of where he needs to eliminate.

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If this is a new home to the cat, it could be that he smells previous animals who've lived there and is stressed from that as well. Scolding him will do no good.


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The cat is completely healthy and everything you have said has been tried except the extra litter boxes. Thank you for that, we will be getting him a few more and seeing how that works... unfortunately that requires we let go the leash so to speak and trust that he will do the do in the boxes.

I'm not sure if I have an unexpected time line. But the house was new to him a year ago. We thought the behavior would get better as he got used to both me and the home. but a year later its worse. How long is a new home new to a cat?
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How do you know this cat is healthy? Has he had blood work in the past 2 months? Has he been evaluated for constipation? Arthritis? Has he had a urine culture done? When was the last time he had his teeth cleaned?

Cats are masters at hiding illness. He is not a bad cat. Something is wrong in his world and this is his way of communicating.

In addition to the excellent advice already given, add a few feliway plug in diffusers.

And....cats are very sensitive creatures. He knows you don't like him and that causes him even more stress. Try giving him more attention, loving attention, every day.

Poor kitty. I feel bad for him so unhappy in his home.
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