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My dog absolutely loves cats. I'm not currently in a position to get a cat, but I will be in the near future. I was wondering, are there cats who actually like dogs? I mean, I like cats and all, but if I got one, it would be mainly for my dog's benefit - she'd be thrilled, they'd be company for each other while I'm at work, etc. Are there cats who seem to really like dogs as opposed to simply being able to live with them?
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My cat, Ava, likes the dogs. She likes to lay with them and cuddle, if they will let her.

Sammy, he lives with them but he could live without them!

All cats have different personalities.
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I have had many cats that loved my dogs, but I've also had many that didn't. As said above, it all depends on tha cat's personality. The two cats I have now tolerate my dog, but they don't want to cuddle or play with her. I guess they might have liked her more if I got her when the cats were little.
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What they said.
Generally, a cat who is friendly with everyone will also befriend a dog, but not always. If you know the cat is aggressive or overly scared then there is more to overcome.

Pets are always your friend no matter what.
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I agree , my cats sleep with my dogs and have been wonderful with the skin kids as well
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i grew up with 2 dogs and 2 cats (big dogs, small cats lol) and ya know...the cats adn dogs would sleep together, chase each other around the house, it was a riot. sometimes the cat would tease the dog by being in a place only he can fit lol now THAT"S funny to watch...the dog's just whining saying "come ON that's not fair, come down"

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Depends on the cat and the dog really, they all have their own personalities. It might be best to rehome a young kitten from a shelter as it is the middle of kitten season.
Remember a cat is a big commitment that can take up 20 years of your life, so don't do it unless you're completely ready to do so.
They're very rewarding animals.
Don't forget to get them neutered or spayed though, will you have the finances to do that? Do you have access to a low-cost neutering clinic?
If you want a "lap cat" I recommend getting a female as opposed to a male. I've kept toms my whole life as they're a lot more independent and I like that. Some toms become quite cuddly as they get older, but normally females are more willing to be cuddled.
Again, depends on the cat.
Rehoming all the way though!
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my kitty loved my dogs...she played with them, slept with them and wanted to share all the food with them lol...she was a kitten when we got her so she grew up with them, and since my dogs were always raised with many animals they were happy for a new friend...I never tried to bring in a full grown kitty though so I am not sure if that would work (probably would if it was a cat raised with dogs) all the strays who have taken over my backyard love my dogs...I go out with the dogs and the cats come running to rub against them lol...the Puppies are still alittle afraid cause one mean Tom popped them lol (we trap, fix, and release) but they love the mama cat who has decided that my puppies are her babies lol

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Grilrazor - In our case,the females were more plaful and the males were the ones who loved cuddles! So it definatly depends on the cat!

We have always had a dog and cat at the same time as kids! They got along well.If you get a kitten,it will grow up to like the dog.

My mom currently has a 9 yr old dog and got a kitten around Christmas.CoCo (dog) took about a week or so to get used to the kitty.Now the kitty who is named Illusion and CoCo are good friends.They play and wrestle and cuddle.

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Yeah, with me it's always been like that too VanillaRat, it's just what I've read in lots of cat behaviour books
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i had a cat Grover, that loved my dog Cooper. he was born and was sniffed by my dog from day one though... actually knowing him he was watching the cat have them and licked them off. (he loves babies) that cat grew up to love him, and i have pictures of him kneeding coopers stomach on the couch... alot of my cats love cooper and in the winter make a giant cat blanket for him.

We also had another cat Punkin that would fallow him around and rub up on him non stop and then my dog would chase him then make him come over and sleep with him. it was cute...

Most of the cats that like the dogs are boys i think.. but i think girl cats like their space a bit more than the boys... i had a cat Hoddy and she loved him... and Moter had her kittens in the dog house year after year... (different dog)

our other dog Hunter just tolerates cats.. he got kicked out of his dog house by cats before.. now he doesnt trust them.

Lucy our house cat doesnt want to be with them... but has to fallow them around and see what they are doing all the time. he is a goober.

our other house cat butters is scared of them but he wasnt around them much


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