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Red face Cat peeing in house

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to get a cat to stop using the bathroom outside of her litterbox or if anyone knows why all of sudden she started doing it?

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Sometimes cats will out of the blue start peeing in oher areas of the home because,
There ticked off about something (A change in the home)
Or they are ill, likely a Bladder infection.

Signs of a bladder infection are traces of blood, dicolouring, and sometimes a different smell. Also teh cat may cry when trying to urinate, or just discomfort. And they usually do it on cold surfaces like tile floors (but not always).

How many cats do you have?
Some cats don't like useing the same litter box as another.
Is the litter box clean?
My cat always peed in our plants when i was a kid anddidn't clean out his litter box LOL...
What sex is the cat? is he or she altered?
And what do you feed them.

Use a product like Natures Miracle to elimininate the odar which keeps the animal going abck to the same area to urinate. Even if you clean it with a household cleaner and'you' can't smell it, they still can and it attracks them back.
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thank you, it turns out that she did have a UTI and I took her to the vet the following day...she wasn't really showing signs of a bladder infection though until wednsday night when she attempted to pee again. But she is on antibiotics now and has another appointment next week for a followup...she is known as the $1000 kitty, because she was from a litter in our basement outside that we took in, so in the last year and a half after all her shots and being spayed, plus all her health problems has cost almost $1000 ... imagine that never means free. well thank you.
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Glad to hear, she's on her way to getting better
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litter box

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