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Cat troubles, help

I have a four year old classic american short hair gray tabby. I have had her since she was about 6 weeks old and she has always been amazingly sweet if a little neurotic about the out of doors, heh, totally indoor kitty. She has never not used the litter pan, she has always been mostly quiet but would meow back when you meowed at her and stuff like that. Seemingly perfect I know!!!! I got really lucky.

A bit of history, around a year and a half ago I moved out of my parents house into an apartment. At my parents house she coexisted with some chihuahuas but they could not get into the upstairs because of a baby gate and that was pretty much her domain. That was the bedrooms belonging to my sister and I; her food, litter pan and most of her toys were there. For most of the time I have been living in this apartment she has been fine. I realize now I could have acclimated her to the new place a little better initially but I hadn't discovered your forums yet and she has been happy. She always becomes the center of attention when I have company, she loves my roommates and they spoil her as much as I do.

Shortly after moving in she got locked out of my bedroom for the first time in her life. It was an accident and was quickly resolved when she began yowling. I mention this because it is literally when I believe she learned to yowl.

Problem, for the past few weeks, maybe 6 max she has begun yowling at all times of the night. I will get home from work, hang out with her, brush her, do my usual stuff, go to bed. Around the time I start to doze off she begins to yowl. She will also do it at other random times of the night.

I thought at first she was accidentally locking herself in or out so I checked. No. Then I thought maybe she was running out of food at 8:00 AM, I have been even more vigilant about checking her food morning and evening, no improvement. At this point I am getting tired and annoyed, I have just sat up and yelled "NO" a couple of times which seems to stop it for a while but she is at it again the next night. Or she climbs on the bed and won't leave me alone. (I sound horrible don't I...)

When she was little I tried to teach her to leave people alone while they were sleeping, I would toss her off the bed, not in a way that hurt her but mostly just unceremoniously, but only when she was pestering, not if she was resting, and she seemed to get the idea pretty quick and would curl up and sleep on the pillow or something. She really is usually so good. I have no idea where this sudden change has come from.

Possibility, I don't think it is connected but I had a roommate change over Christmas break. I thought maybe the change confused her but if anything the new roommate is nicer and gives her more attention that before. Also his girlfriend comes over a lot, the first guy was single, and she pays attention the Kaira, too! The first guy had a friend that came over a lot but she was rude and I worry now she was mean to her when I wasn't there. One of the reasons he was out...

Please some advice. She has me stumped. I have had people suggest spray bottles but that just seems cruel, not to mention bad for the carpet... do people really do that?
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can't think of one, help
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Is she spayed?
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yes, sorry forgot to mention that.
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Is there any other cats around (outside the apartment) she could be reacting to? Maybe that is what starts the yowling.
I can understand how frustrating it must be. I have to lock my cats out of our room at night. Every time I roll over Bean thinks I am up and I won't mind petting her. Well I roll over a lot. And Bean wakes me up a lot. I just cannot get the proper sleep that way.

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Yeah well I am afraid if I locked her out it would just make the yowling worse.... I hadn't thought about a cat upstairs. i can ask my neighbors. My room has two outside walls and the other walls are my roommates rooms, so it would probably be upstairs. The only think I can think of is she is lonely or bored... I read the thing on loneliness on the forums; some of it sounds right.
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litter pan

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