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Cats develop unique communication with their person

Hi! I read an interesting article over the weekend about a new study that shows cats and their people develop their own unique communication. Sharon Crowell-Davis, a professor of veterinary behavior at the University of Georgia, and John Bradshaw, a University of Bristol anthrozoologist, talk about the way cats communicate with people, and in some cases, it is like how they communicate with other cats.

Sharon said that cats will greet their human like they do other cats; rubbing on them and wrapping their tail around them, which is equivelent to a human hug.

She also said cats purr when happy and content, but also when sick or injured -- something I didn't know.

Also, cats do not meow to communicate with other cats! John Bradshaw said that feral cats meow “about once every hundred hours.” Cats meow as a way to communicate with humans. He said they learned to do it to get our attention, and they develop didn't sounds to get our attention for certain things. Pretty cool!

You can read the whole article at petshavesouls dot com on the home page. Just scroll down until you see "Cats and Humans Develop a Secret, Unique Code of Communication."
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When I get home from work I am greeted with many meows saying I am hungry, feed me!!!
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