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Unhappy Crazy Cats Need Advice!!

Right my little cats are 7 months now they have not been spayed yet they are females.. you need to wait here in NI until they are 7 months to get spayed so we are booking them in soon but we have SOME problems with them.
They are both sisters and have never been seperated, Well as soon as we come into the living room and sit down they run and climb up the wall paper, curtains , shelves EVERYTHING we tell them no in a firm voice, we tried the spray bottle but NOTHING. Then when we lock them out of the living room, and we stay in the living room ONE of them screams outside the living room UNTIL we let them in if we dont she keeps on going.. i have actually timed her before and it lasted an HR! Then if we go upstairs into the bedroom or one of us do, they run up to the door and the same sister screams at the door its not a normal MEOW its a WAAAA WAAAA constantly!
What is wrong with her?
Will spaying them sort these problems out?

They are fed 3 times a day in small amounts recommned by our vet, they have a mix of dry and wet. They have 3 scratching posts MILLIONS of toys we give them kisses hugs EVERYTHING what can we do?
They are wrecking our heads!

Rip Novo, Mummy Loves You x
"To close your eyes will not ease another's pain."
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It sounds like you're doing everything right. I have males so I can't say 100% and all cats are different, but spaying them should calm them down some. My cats are big attention hogs and they will do the same meow you are talking about if you don't give them attention right at the second they ask for it. China will a lot of times fight with Hyrum if we don't give him attention when he is asking for it, he takes his frustration and angry out on him, lol. Kinda funny, but not for Hyrum, poor guy. I say get them spayed and then go from there. Sorry I could be of more help.
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Thank you hun, Im just afraid incase we are doing something wrong! All my family has had cats and they have NEVER acted like these 2 crazy girlies! all the same we love them its just a pain!

Rip Novo, Mummy Loves You x
"To close your eyes will not ease another's pain."
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Claire, hun, I say try to be patient with them. Getting them spayed will make a difference and it should calm them down. Try to remember that your pets feed off of your emotions too. If you are upset or in tourmoil - sp?, then they will feel it and will act out. Mine do. Sometimes if I am feeling REALLY happy, and want to party, mine get in that mood too! LOL. We all dance! They start running around the house and I dance, I turn on the music on and we party! LMAO. Hey, don't tell my husband! We do this when nobody is around! LOL We like to act silly. But, yeah, pets can tune into our feelings, whether it is "really stressed out" or "relaxed" or "sad", well, you get it. And, they can either act out on it or they can help us by cuddling up to us to comfort us. I hope this helps you. Hang in there. They are still little kids. Just babies. They look at you as "mommy", they could just be "crying" and having a bad day. When mine do that, I just give up and sit down with them and chat for awhile. It usually helps. Love ya hun. It will get better. I promise.
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Your kitties sound a bit like mine (also sisters). They were nuts as kittens, and honestly are still energetic and can still drive US nuts at times! They're so funny though, aren't they? I don't think mine calmed down much after being spayed, lol, but they've gotten a bit better with age; they'll be 4 in January. I would say that I was not firm enough in saying "no" and teaching them what was acceptable in terms of them obtaining our behavior. For example - with opening the door when one or both is/are crying: I'd have opened the door too...but now she knows that if she cries long enough the door will open, so she'll learn to cry longer (at least mine have) and it's a very difficult thing to break when they're older!
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It sounds like you're doing everything right. Just like kids though, they will learn what will work to get you to do what they want so they're learning if they cry long enough, you'll open the door. You might just have to bear through the crying and stand firm on keeping the door closed until you're ready to open it so that they learn. They are kittens though so they're going to be playful and crazy. Also, spaying them should help a little but even then, it will probably take a while for them to simmer down.

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