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Dangers of Stray Cats?

What are the dangers of outside cats to our indoor pets? I'm the first to admit i dont really know alot about cats, I don't really know a whole lot about illness they may have, And a few people said by bringing Toast (our adopted stray kitty) into the house we were risking getting our dogs and rabbit sick, Which is prolly true, but i wonder how true this is? And what are the risks of bringing in other strays? or letting Toast out to socialize with other outdoor kittys? I ask this mostly because, well david asks me all the time like im supposed to know.. And theres a little grey male kitty hiding on the side of our house today, hes not a baby baby, but hes younger than Toast was when we got him, its been a long time since i had kittens around, but i'd say hes maybe half or 3/4 of the way grown.. if that makes sense.. lol i dunno.. anyway, he seems real scared, like he comes out to be pet and if i sit down he tries to sit under me but if the wind blows he runs back to the bushes. I donít like the idea of leaving him outside, especially since one of davids aunts cats was recently killed by neighborhood dogs. (who lives a few houses down) But we donít really have anyplace we could put him to keep him away from the other animals, Toast has actually Been spending time in Tanner's kennel when we cant watch him or have him in the bathroom since we're kind of in the middle of remodeling a couple rooms. Anyway, i donít know what to do, should i bring him in so we can maybe find his owner, or a new owner for him. Or should i force myself to stop peeking out the window at him and hope he goes home? Could he get our pets sick? why do stray animals always seem to find me?

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I am an avid stray bringer homer lol...but I do make sure to get the stray, ferral or drop of tested for any thing that can pose a threat to my pets...I am not sure about what a cat can pass to a dog or rabbit, but I do know there are many things stray cats can spread to other cats...but then there are also worms, fleas, ticks and the such...its just a general rule when you bring a strange animal into your home to take it to a vet for some tests first...but at the same time I have had many strays come through my door and have nothing happen to any of my animals. I guess if you have any worries at all then a vet trip can't hurt, I am glad you opened your home to a stray, they make the very best of friends

I had a cat that had FIP and it was passed to other cats through bodily fluids, I was also told many strays carry FIV (how true that is I am not sure) our kitty (even though he is always inside) has had all of his shots and was tested right off, I have even taken all the ferals who come here to the vets to get shots and be tested...its a risk fr sure to let them all mix, but I am not sure on how big of a risk...sorry if I am rambling on, just the way my brain works lol...I feed a total of 8 outdoor ferals that have adopted me (mommy, daddy and their babies) I got them fixed, got them their shots and had them tested because I was alittle worried about them playing through the door with Frahnz...these Kitties can never be indoor kitties because they truely are feral, I am the only person they trust, and although they tolerate my dogs through the door, if they see them in the back yard the cats go crazy...so this is how I have to make it work...I always feed the strays, we go through a giant bag of kitty food a week lol...I feel that if a kitty is out there and so hungry its willing to go near my ferals (which guard the ouse like crazy) then they must truely need the food lol so we started putting food dishes on the outside of the fence as well lol

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I'm not sure about other pets, but I found this info on what they could pass on to you if they have it.


I hope that helps a little.
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Because of the debate over vaccine-related sarcomas in cats, there are some vets and/or owners that choose different vaccination programs than others (core vaccines versus non-core). If a cat is not fully vaccinated (for example, FeLV is one of the ones that might be left out) it could be at risk the owner might not be fully aware of.

Just wanted to point that out because it sometimes confusing what all vaccines a pet actually has.
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outdoor kittys, stray cats

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