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My 9 yr old Russian Blue was diagnosed with type II diabetes about a week ago. The vet put him on Purina DM wet food (1/2 can twice a day) which he has taken to very well. He also needs to lose about 4 pounds as he weighs 12 pounds now. When I first took him his blood glucose was 345 and after one week it is down to 265 and he has lost 1 ounce in weight. The vet said this was excellent and to continue this regimen. I might also add that I'vwe read that stress will increase blood glucose levels in cats and my cat does not ride well at ALL! He freaks out the whole time, so I guess it is possible that the above readings are somewhat artificially elevated because of that.

My question (if anyone has any experience with this) is: Is it acceptable for me to feed him controled portions of the Purina DM DRY food at all? The reason I ask is that about once per week I am required to be away from home overnight and therefore it will be impossible for me to feed him the canned food. I am single and do not really have any neighbors or friends near where I live who could look in on him. I mentioned this to my vet and she wasn't thrilled about it but didn't say no either. It would only be the one time per week and the feeder I have can be set to only dispense premeasured servings at set times so it wouldnt be as if he had unlimited portions at his disposal during that time that I'm away. I am assuming that Purina made the DM DRY for a reason and so am hoping someone can give me some advice on this issue. Thank you!
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Im surprised that hes NOT on dry food.. my cat is on Hills Dry Food and only gets wet food on occasion... does he need shots at all? mine gets shots twice a day, and is 21lbs.. my vet never told me he has to lose weight either
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He is not on insulin right now. The vet told me that any dry food (even the diabetic dry foods) are much higher in carbohydrates than wet food and that the carbohydrates are what he needs to avoid. I checked a couple of websites concerning pet foods and she seems to be right. One of them listed the carbohydrate percentages and it was always higher for dry foods. Although if I remember correctly, the Purina DM Dry only had about 15% carbs while the wet had maybe 4%. I could be off a few percentage points there but I do remember canned was lower.

My vet said that she went to a diabetic cat seminar recently and they had reports from studies that had been done and it showed that, as in people, overweight cats are more likely to develop diabetes. They now believe that fat cells, rather than just sitting there like a blob, are actually responsible for releasing hormones that wreak havoc with the pancreas and insulin production and they are actually seeing the link now between too much fat stores in the body and type II diabetes.

I couldnt imagine giving my cat up so I'm in this for the long haul. I've already shelled out over 200 dollars in a little over a week and my food bill just went from maybe 10 bucks a month to about 40 or more. If it helps him it is worth it. She seemed to think that since he is responding so well with diet, that as of right now anyway, insulin is avoidable for the near future.

Does anyone know whether a diabetic cat can be expected to live as long on average as a non diabetic cat if it is kept regulated??
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