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I Wish I Were a Snot Ball Shooter
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Dingbat cat

I've been reading about all these smart cats in the earlier post ... I think Liz got cheated in the brains dept. Seems so unfair.
Here's a little example of her brilliance: We throw my one dog's toy from our couch in the living room thru the dining room into the kitchen when we play fetch. Lizzie usually lays in wait for him to pass back thru and jumps on him from her hiding place in the bedroom. Well, one time, she's in the dining room instead - and decides to run across into the bedroom just as the toy is thrown. BAM! Smack dab into Blackie, who trips over her and is thrashing on the floor trying to get his legs back under hisself. He can't get up because she's underneath him trying desparately to get loose ... they finally get disentangled, she gets set to run, and WHAMMO ! right into the doorframe (on her blindside)
My hubby was literally on the floor laughing, Elizabeth hid under the bed howling.
Please tell me I'm not the only one with a not-so-bright kitty ...


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Most definitely not... I have a longhair named Lakota, and she's dumb as a post. I have this hepafilter that has kind of a large circular intake opening. Well, I set it up to run in the hallway while I cleaned its usual place and Lakota came over to sniff it. Then she proceeded to run to the other end of the hall and charge the hepafilter - only to get her head stuck in the intake vent. This isn't the first time I've had to rescue her from it either.

Then theres Pookie, I think she got the brains intended for Lakota. She will jump at doors and paw frantically at the door knob until it opens... she can usually get them open in a couple tries. I always have to make sure outdoor doors are locked... she's never gotten out, but I don't want to chance it.


She sits in her corner, singing herself to sleep.
Wrapped in all of the promises, that no one seems to keep.
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Gosh Sharon, just imagining all this "comotion", you totally have me rolling!
Unfortunately I don't have kitties (I wish) but one of our little dogs is missing a couple of bolts and screws
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Don't worry! My mopm's one cat isn't the brightest furrball in the group.
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