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Question Eating and Excreting

Hi everybody,
I haven't been around much this summer, lots of stuff going on.
We just moved in to a new apartment yesterday, and brought Pixel in once everything was in place.
Well, it's been over 24 hours since she's been in the new place, and she seems comfortable, playing, grooming, and sleeping like usual. However, she has not pooped once since she's been there
She has just started eating on her own a little bit ago, so she is making some progress, but I'm worried about her not going to the bathroom.
Usually when I put her in her box, she automatically goes to the bathroom (like when I'm about to clean out her box or something). I've tried this many times, and I've gotten her to pee a little, but it's just the tiniest bit like she's just doing it to get me off her back.
So I'm wondering if this is normal behavior, and also what I can do to get her to go.
I'm worried she's going to get blocked up and get an infection.
I've tried moving her box all around the various rooms of the apartment, and I tried using a different box too.
Any other ideas?
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I'd say leaving the same box in the same place is going to set up a bit of normalcy for her and she'll be more comfortable to go.

If she's thrown off about where her box is she might keep holding it longer.
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It seems a normal thing for a cat to go to a new environment and not want to eat right away. I agree with Vikarious that you definitely should leave the same box in the same place. Too many changes and it could confuse Pixel even more. If Pixel has not eaten yet chances are she doesn't have to go to the bathroom. If it lasts more than a couple days it may be something else and a trip to the vet may be in order.

If it makes you feel better I bought a new type of litterbox for my cats and my one cat would not use the bathroom, and she didn't use and inappropriate place either, just held it in for three days. She did eventually go.
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Thanks for the help! Pixel finally went after about two days. I ended up calling the vet and she said it's normal, so if anybody has this problem in the future, don't worry about it until it's been more than three days.
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thats good info to know. Thanks for passing it on.
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