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We've been talking a lot about fate lately on PT, and how it seems things happen for a reason. Deb lost Samson and rescued Polo. I lost my Sneakers and I'm not sure if it happened for a reason, but I can tell you that two things happened today.

The first is that I'm signing up for pet medical insurance. Even though Mike and I are out of our sticky financial situatution, and we did have the money for Sneakers' surgery and care if we had decided to go along with the surgery, I really want to have insurance so we will be prepared for any future emergencies. Sneakers' illness taught me that pets can get sick at any age, and you need to be prepared. We had the money for Sneakers this time, and we could have payed for the surgery if we thought it was the right thing to do, but you never know when emergencies will happen, so I'm glad I will always be prepared for the future.

The second thing is that Mike and I were talking last night about how we'd like to get another cat. I said that I would love to have a female grey tabby, and we said we would look into it sometime. Well of course today I wasn't even planning on thinking about getting another cat, but when I went to Petsmart today, there she was. A six month old grey shorthair tabby, spayed and current on all her shots. So...I'm going to talk to Mike and see what he says. I am in no way trying to replace Sneakers or to be irresponsible. No kitty could ever take his place, and I will be grieving over his loss for a long time. I miss him so much. But I don't know what fate has in store for me, and it might involve a little grey tabby that needs a home...
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That's wonderful that you signed up for insurance!
It would be great for you to get a kitty! You and Mike would give her a wonderful home! We all know you would never try to replace Sneakers, but she would certainly make the loss of Sneakers a bit more bearable. Keep us updated!
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You're right Steph! All things happen for a reason! bills can sneak up on you when you least expect them to (that was why I put Maggie on the kitten wellness plan.)

I'm sure whatever the right choice is you will make it Do keep us updated!
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BTW, if we got her from Petsmart, it would be from the rescue there. I don't buy animals from pet stores (besides fish and hamsters) unless they are up for adoption from rescues. She is from a local kitty rescue and was surrendered by her owner because the owner was moving cross country. Our Petmart's don't sell any animals besides fish, birds, and rodents.
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Same with the ones here, and I thought you were talking about Adoption Day.
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What do you guys think I should do? Do you think its too soon?
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Red face

Steph how are you? It is a good thing to get pet insurance, even though I don't have it myself!

Regarding getting another cat, I think that is a great idea, there is no way the new one will replace Sneakers, but you have so much love to give, why not give it to another cat, that needs you! When I lost my 2 bunnies on the same day nearly 4 years ago, I went out the next day, and got 2 babies Amber and Jasmine, that helped me so much, as all my attention was on them, it didn't stop me missing Dylan and Chloe, but it helped me with the pain I was feeling at the time.. There is not one day, that I forget my bunnies, I still have their ashes in the house.. But time does heal the pain, slightly!
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For me there was no such thing as too soon. I was "almost upset" with hubby for adding Samson to our home so shortly after losing Max but let me tell you, the days w/o Max were murder!!! Everywhere I looked, everything I did, right down to going to the bathroom was TERRIBLE because "Max wasn't there" and he had followed me everywhere. Having the new puppy around helped soooooooooooooooooooo much.

A new pet will never replace the other but they sure can distract you and help fill an empty void... your heart is PLENTY big enough to love another one w/o hindering your love for the previous ones

I STILL cry over Max and Samson... always will. But Polo sure has lowered my crying time to something healthy while mixing in a ton of smiles

If Mike is fine with it... and you feel good about it... go for it Just think it through as you would upon getting any new pet
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Red face

Deb, you have had a tough time too lately, how are you coping?
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All in all I'm doing well. Polo is here now and still a new puppy on the way ... Taking it all as it comes and enjoying the smiles that are granted while still remembering the angel babies lost...
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Yep I think that little kitty named Fate is ready to go home with you.
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hey there veggers. <---

first of all, i am so very sorry about your losing sneakers. but now he is in Heaven and without any pain.

i know that if you get this new kittie that you won't be replacing sneakers, as that is impossible. but like everyone has said, there is no harm in bringing a new kittie into your home. you have a wonderful home to offer to a kittie in need. so if it's something that you really want, i'd say go for it.

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Steph when I euthanised Nacho everyone told me to wait until I got another dog. The behaviuorist said between 1 and 6 months would be a good time. I got Biscuit after one month, but I wanted a dog so badly before tht. She has never replaced Nacho, but I love her just as much. There is always a special place in my heart for him and he will never be forgotten. I even have pics of Nacho around the house, and none of Biscuit. I found it really difficult cause at that time I was walking 5 days a week and Nacho came with me every time, but I had to walk by myself. I stopped doing it for a couple of weeks because it was too heart breaking. When I got home after a day out there was no dog to greet me at the door. Those sorts of things killed me. I got Biscuit by chance. I was only looking into getting a Staffy from a rescue, but I wanted the right dog and thought I'd have to wait. Biscuit was waiting for me and I went down and seen her and knew I had to bring her home. The first couple of weeks I comapred everything she did to Nacho, more out of fear that she would end up the same way as him, but she was completely different. I cried every single day after Nacho, until Biscuit came into our home. I was crying for him but the house felt so empty, I didn't even like being there. If you feel ready to love this little kitten, then you get her. She might even be a present from sneakers.

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I think that it is a great idea as long as Mike is okay with it ... Everyone else is right ... you aren't trying to replace Sneakers but sometimes good can come from bad things.
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I got her guys. I'll post an intro and pics tomorrow. I'm still in shock and I miss Sneakers terribly. My heart aches for him. But I swear this little girl has some Sneakers in her. I post more about it tomorrow. Thank you all for your advice. It means more than you know.
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