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Feline calicivirus question

A person I work with got a letter from their vet stating that there is a serious outbreak of feline calicivirus in our area, and that he should bring his cats in right away for vaccination because the disease has a high mortality rate.

I'd always thought that calicivirus was like herpesvirus, and not particularly life-threatening, so I did a bit of research when I got home.

I'm going to guess the letter refers to what I came across, which was called systemic feline calcicivirus (VS-FCV) and does indeed have much more dire consequences.

Has anyone else heard anything in their area?

I found a couple of websites like this one:
Pet-Related Diseases & Human Health-Emerging Feline Disease Causes Tragic Loss for Cat Owner

Is there too much nudging toward the wonderful, great, new vaccine (i.e., is this clever marketing?). I'd hate to think that someone's vet would send out a letter in that case, though.

I don't like over-vaccinating because of sarcoma risks, so I'm not going to get them vaccinations that aren't really necessary, but I don't want to risk something really deadly that I could bring into the house, either.

I'm also going to ask my own vet, but I like to get opinions from folks on here too. I have a hard time judging this sort of stuff since I lost Willow to FIP - it makes me a little overprotective in some ways, so my meter is a bit off.
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I have not heard anything about this. Hmm.. I will have to ask my vet. Thanks for letting us know.

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I asked my vet about this. They vaccinate against calicivirus standardly as part of the respiratory panel. As far as a different strain of calicivirus, or a different vaccination for calicivirus, they couldn't be sure of the other vet's intent without talking to him/her or reading the letter but they are guessing that it's one of several new types of vaccinations that are available but that they consider experimental and that they do not recommend at this time.
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