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Feline Owners Against Hartz Petition

Because four flea and tick products manufactured by Hartz has been found to be deadly to cats(seizures,death) these products are being pulled off the market next year. Many people are not aware of the dangers of these products and continue to buy them. The petition below ( found on another forum) is to try bring that removal date to ASAP not five months from now.

Feline Owner's Against Hartz (FOAH) has posted a new petition against Hartz being sent specifically this time to the Federal Trade Commission. Many of us also wrote letters to the Federal Trade Commission asking that they investigate Hartz due to the fact that they continue to market a product that they know is killing pets. Isn't that a form of FRAUD?

It only takes 30 seconds to fill in the form. There is an option to sign your real name but have it display as anonymous on the public petition if for any reason you would not want to display your name. I'm # 266. We are trying for 2500 signatures quickly so we can get the FTC to help further investigate and put pressure on Hartz. As many of you know, there is already a plan in place for 4 Hartz products-all of which are flea and tick drops for cats, to be removed from store shelves by March 2006. I have considered this to be a horrible compromise by the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) which basically forced Hartz to voluntarily withdraw these 4 products. However, based on an email from the EPA received by another FOAH member, the voluntary withdrawal agreement gets the products off the shelf faster than a mandate from the EPA which Hartz could have appealed for a longer period of time!

Please sign this petition going to the Federal Trade Commission:


Thanks in advance!
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I didn't know about this, but it doesn't surprise me. I know from having purchased a few different Hartz brand cat toys, that IMHO their products are crap, ..complete junk!! My cats were never interested in Hartz toys, prolly because for the most part their toys are of a lower quality and apparently not very fun for the cats to play with.

Also, thanks for posting this information. I'm going to go and sign the petition right now.

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I thought that Hartz was willingly pulling specific flea products off the shelf by march of next year? Yes, I'm kind of ticked it is taking so long...more cats will die, but at least they are removing them finally.
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