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Thank you for the kind words. We now await the rabies test. I am hopeful it was not rabies, because he sure did not appear to go through the "stages" I've seen described on the web. There was NEVER any hint of aggressiveness or violence. He was "zoned" for periods of time, but there was no real personality change as they describe, no bites, no nothing like that. The vet is having a hard time coming up with another explanation based on the symptoms, though. We hope it was just some sort of weird virus that tore through him.

We will never forget the little guy, believe me. He was a sweety, and we all fell fast and hard for him.
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Oh no.. I am so very sorry to hear about Pickle. You are in my thoughts.

~* Jackie *~

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Well, Little Pickle did NOT have rabies, thankfully. We got the call from the Board of Health today. But we will never know what casued the seizures or why he died. I can at least take solace in the knowledge that it was mother nature's call, not ours, to take the little fellow. Sometimes she knows best, and if something was not right with Pickle I guess it was best for him to not suffer.

You know, a loss like this might seem insignificant to many, but we've had the biggest loss anyone can have: our daughter, Nicole, who passed away at age 24 in 2002 (www.nicolefrese.com). And I'm here to tell you that this hurts, too. Maybe it's because ANY loss you suffer after a blow like that one echoes your prior pain. I dunno.

But we are very grateful our little Pic did not have rabies, and it spares us all the worry about ourselves and our other pets (9 cats, 3 dogs). And also, I know that my Nicole has another sweet, little friend to play with Up There!

P.S. We do a benefit dinner in Nicole's memory each year, and all proceeds to to the Camden (NJ) Ronald McDonald House and the Camden County Animal Shelter.
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Oh Pickles, you will always be in our thoughts and prayers. I know it's very difficult when you lose a loved one.

I am so glad I found this site today by doing a search for feline seizures, I just finished reading this thread and my heart goes out to all of you.

I have 3 cats and my oldest, Bubba (my baby), I think he's having seizures and having them often but their not like any I have read in this thread. It's extremely scary to see him go through this and it freaks me out every time.

This only happens when he's sleeping and I always thought at first that he was dreaming. - right now he's grabbing my hands away from the keyboard.... lol - he seems to be in a deep sleep than his body starts shaking (looks exactly like gizmo from the gremlins when he gets wet), sometimes he makes weird noises. When this happens I quickly put my hands on him and after a few seconds he comes around. There's no foaming at the mouth or losing bladder control so I am even more confused now. I would say the whole thing lasts less than a minute.

My Baby Boy Bubba is going to be 11 years old soon and he believes he is human. He has to be at my side at all times and even jumps in the shower with me. He is so cute and has so many different facial expressions..... sometimes he looks like a little kitten and others times looks like an old man. He lost a fang tooth a couple years ago and his lip gets stuck on his gum which gives him an Elvis snarl. He is truly King of this house.

It scares me that he's getting older and his time here is getting shorter. I dont want anything to happen to him!

I know he needs to go to the vet and get bloodwork done but I am a 36 year old, disabled, single mom of two teens and just don't have the means to do that right now. So I turn to the internet to see what I can find out on my own. Well I guess I have rambled enough. Thank you for starting this thread and thank you all for posting...... it's all very helpful.

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Wish you the best of luck with Bubba. Hopefully this is somethng that can be fixed or managed. It doesn't sound as extreme as what we went through with Pickle, so it is my hope that he'll be fine. Please do keep us posted, and know that you and Bubba will be in my thoughts.
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Um, my old (6-10 years) cat has been doing weird things for a while now. He's also rather skinny and we think he got bit by a snake of something once. About two months ago, we found him lying on the doorstep and jerking, looking scared and meowing in a really loud, deep, anxious sort of voice. Usually his voice is high pitched and quiet and sort of a purr combined with a meow. Well, he did it again a couple weeks ago, only this time he jerked longer and was wet, and smelled awful, like he'd vomited or wet himself. And then just tonight we found him in the garage, same as he was two weeks ago. He was jerking and meowing in that weird voice, and was wet and stinky again.
Does anyone have some idea what this might be? I put it in this section because it sounds like a seizure. Is there anything we can do for him. (By the way, we had some rabid squirrels in our area around the first time it happened, but it doesn't seem remotely like rabies to me)

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Mulitple seizures...running out of options...


We have a 5 year old female cat named Sammy.

4 months ago she had 2 or 3 seizures. Here eyes would dialate and she would drool heavily. After it was over (about 30 seconds) she would meow very loudly for about 20 seconds.

We took her to the vet and they said if it keeps happening then come back and we can try meds.

Well we went 4 months without a single seizure. However, they are back and back with a vengence! She started having them on Friday and since then, the siezues have only increased in frequency...

We took her to the vet because they seemed to be happening almost every 10 - 15 minutes. The Doc gave her a shot of Vallum to stop the immediete effects. It just seemed to numb the situation.

She is also on the epilepsy med that I can't think of now, but it seems to only reduce the severity of the seizures. They still seem to happen, but the cat just meows a little every once in a while. Thats how we can tell it is still happening.

At this point we feel like we are running out of time as the cat mostly acts like it is in a trance, or lost. It is very sad. We are wondering if the cat has even been sleeping at all during the past 3 days.

We took the cat to the ER over the weekend in order to get some help before our regular vet was back in the office. They gave her another shot of vallum, and some vallum tablets we could use if needed.

The vet got the blood work back and said there were no irregularities which is disappointing as we still don't know what the problem is.

So now, the doctor says to wait for the meds to start working. If they don't work then we can attempt to see a specialist(neurologist) and probably have to get an MRI.

At this point the cat just seems to wonder around and acts as if it doesn't even recognize us and even seems like it is having problems seeing.

So thats where we are now. If something doesn't start to help soon then I am afraid we might have to take more drastic steps.

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Very tough situation

So sorry to hear what you are going through with Sammy. We also have a cat named Sammy, and of course, we went through a similar situation with our little Pickle. So we know difficult this can be, and how mysterious the process often is. I just wanted to wish you the best, and I know you guys will do what is best for your little fella. I hope everything works out, and that Sammy is fine in the end.
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