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Feral kitten BAD behavior!!

I have an 11 week old kitten. He was a feral kitten living in a 96yr old ladies yard along with about 20 other cats (that we seen anyway!) Well, I am having some issues with him that I do not know how to deal with. This is my first kitten by the way!

When ever I open up the refrigerator door he runs and jumps inside the fridge! I cannot believe he does this, but for some reason he thinks its a good idea!

When I am eating he will get right next to my face and will try to even take food out of my mouth!

When I am sleeping sometimes he bites me. Even on the face.

Whenever I open up the door, he runs outside

And he plays too rough with the dogs! He will bite their faces and hold on.

Sometimes I cannot even walk through the house without him running and attacking my toes. This kitten goes for blood!

He is cruising to be an outside cat, because if this doesnt stop I am not sure I can take anymore. He is a little terrorist! I am very attached to the little guy, but its getting ridiculous.
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can't think of one, help
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that sounds like normal kitten behvior, does he have any toys? also the biting could be teething too.
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Hello Earthling
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Yeah... sound like the normal stuff my foster do.

Try and direct his biting onto a toy, or else later in life you'll have some issues because they'll bit harder.

And spray bottle with light mist and that seems to work after a couple of times.

You have to be really stubborn and protestant, with hims.

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Salamander Burgermuffin
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Does he have toys? i was kinda worried about having cat toys around because of the dogs. so we got these little wiffle balls from the dollar store, there like tennis ball size and the cat loves them cuz he can pick them up and carry them real easy. he actually plays fetch with them we bounce it on the kitchen floor and he brings it back Our dogs dont like them so they leave them alone.

Our cat did the fridge thing too when we first got him, he also tried to crawl into the dish washer whenever i was filling it.. So since the water was running i sprayed him with the hose and he ran off, he tried it again the next day and just put a few drops on him and hes not done it again. We've been using a spray bottle to keep him off the table and if he goes by the plants or anything, it works really well. i keep mine on the stream setting, the mist didnt seem to work very well unless you were right next to him. So try and keep a squirt bottle with you for a week or so, especially while your eating. And when hes attacking your toes.

our cat still bites us sometimes, but he does it when were petting him, so i think hes trying to be lovie when he does it.. but he often bites davids face, were not really sure what to do about that, when he bites me i try to flick his nose a little, and he hasnt been doing it as much, but he still bites david.

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Guarded by Waffles
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When I had two of my passed kittens they would jump in the deep freezer so I had to get them out and they would jump right back in and Xena STILL attakcs our feet. It's just normal kitten/cat behavior LOL

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Fashion Animal Freak :)
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We got our first kittens a few months ago and BOY! they where insane they destroyed everything the walls the sofa the chairs the mats everything! they would jump up our legs at our toes scratch us if we scared them by mistake.
I agree with everyone hes just finding out what he can do, and because he was wild hes just getting adjusted to being told what to do.
Our kittens still play bite us, what i have found out they hate.. when they go to bite us we make a scream noise like a AAHHHH OUCCH but dont pull away and say FIRM NO! . and now when they go to do it they wait on us saying it LOL just be firm with him i know hes tiny and looks so easy hurt. BE FIRM hun ! he will adjust to it let me know how you get on!

Rip Novo, Mummy Loves You x
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i agree that this is normally kitten psychoness, but yours may be a bit more than normal because he is less tame, and had 20 other cats to harass, not just one human and some dogs.

Kittens all go through a psycho stage, thats why i had a cat named Hissy, and killer, and psycho, and evil velcro (all outdoor cats and oddly all related)


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thanks for the help. yes, he has bundles of toys.
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it just sounds like he's being a kitten to me too try a squit guy or a can with pennies in it and everytime he does something you don't want him to do squirt him or shake the can.
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Dinky Corsetkisser
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my kitten does almost all of that lol...the fridge thing is his favorite...any time it opens he comes running lol...he no longer attacks us as we walk, but he is the worst with begging when someones eating, we just are consistent with the pushing away and saying no...I hope he grows outta the biting part for you quickly...Frahnz never uses his claws or bites hard, but the feral kittens out front always use their nails, they hurt like crazy

Proud mommy to Ashley

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Will It Ever Change?
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oh yes, employ the squirt bottle and be relentless. period. lol

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bad behavior, feral kitten, mean kitten

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