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Frustrated Cat Owner

Okay. Sorry for the length of this post, it's a really complicated problem that I am hoping someone can help me with! This problem involves two of our many cats. They are both males, approx. 3-4 years old, not related. They used to be best buddies, always getting along, grooming and sleeping with each other. Four weeks ago, Capone got a big abscess on his head and he got really sick. He was 'okay' for a few days, then we took him to the vets to get antibiotics. When he got back from the vets ,he wouldn't leave my room! When the antibiotics were finished, he still refused to come out of my room. This got really frustrating, because whenever we would try to bring him out he would hiss and scratch and go crazy! It wasn' t until two weeks later we noticed he would get this same reaction whenever one of our other cats, Dal, would try to come into the room.(His ex-buddy). Now, if we locked Dal in the basement, Capone could come down to the main level and sniff around, if we brought him, because he won't venture out by himself. If we let Dal out of the basement, he would immediately puff up and chase Capone back up to my room! And then for the next few hours Capone would be cowering and hissing in my room. So to sum up, it's been four weeks with Capone in my room, only coming out when we lock Dal away. What can we do!?? They used to be such good buddies!! Dal is reacting so aggressively towards Capone for no reason!
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Gosh. Sounds like all kinds of misplaced aggression. Was Capone's trip to the vet real traumatic ? Did he stay there long enough to get other animal's smells on him ?
I used to have another cat besides Lizzie, and Liz ran away while I was in the process of moving. When I found her 2 weeks later, Violet was horrible to her, hissing and charging - it was like being in a war zone. I ended up going through "introducing" them, just as if they'd never met ... it worked, but they never did go back to being as close as they had been.
Kitties can be so complicated - I'd love to know what goes on in their minds.

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I've read this post before and wasn't really sure what to tell ya, but I will agree with Sharon, that introducing them all over again may be the best bet...... I also agree that if Capone was at the vet for a period of time, he may have developed the new smell that is now causing problems with Dal, and capone feels the aggression towards him, and that also may be causing him to act the way he is acting..... I wish you luck
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Yup, sounds like you'll have to introduce them again to each other slowly. Maybe try putting something (like a towel) that has Capone's scent where Dal can smell it and likewise for Dal's scent where Capone can smell it. Then slowly introduce. Good luck!
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Do you know how he got the absess? Something like this happened to one of my cats. Stormy and Wyatt always like to play but one day Wyatt got his claw stuck in Stormy's arm(accident) and his nail broke off in it, we had to take him to the vet to have his leg drained because it was filled with fluid. And he was on antibiotics for a month, (boy is that fun to give to a cat) anyways they don't get along anymore, they don't fight anymore, but they ignore each other. We think it's because he associates Wyatt with all that happened, because it was his fault kind of thing. Hope you can get them back to being buds, or at least being civial to one another. Good luck!!!

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