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Help I found a stray kitten!

Ok, well my sister found it while out with her friends. My mom won't let it come in the house cause we have a ferret, plus I am alergic but my sis named it and everything. My sis is 11. My mom doesn't care really what we do with it as long as it doesn't come in the house. But my sis knows nothing about cats and I told her she should try and find it a home but she wont listen and I am afraid it will stave or die of cold! My sis gave it milk and her friend gave it cat food and a box to sleep in but I am so worried about the poor thing, what should I do? We don't even have cat food for tomorrow and we know nothing about cats plus this one is sooo young and I can't go near it cause I am deadly alergic!!!
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Do you have an animal shelter in the area where you live at? I would suggest trying to get it there, or post flyers about the cat to see if it belongs to someone.
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I would strongly encourage her to find the kittie a loving home where he or she can sleep inside and get all the appropriate medical care. You have no idea at this point what kind of health the kitten is in.
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ACK, No Milk! Cats are lactos intolerant, milk will make it sick.
The best thing to do would call a local sheltar adn have them come get the kitten.
Also ask your neighbours where the cat was found if anyone is missing a kitten, there could be a family right now devistated that they cannot find there kitty.

I had a dog that used to jump the fence (actually i have another dog that does the same thing argh) and he was never a "stray" but some lady just asumed that once and tryed keeping our dog! So you never know.
Best to call the SPCA or local sheltar, it's not fare to leave a young cat outside with no warmth or food.
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animal shelter, cat food

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