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Help! I need advice!

Hello all! A while back I made an introduction post but have not had the chance to post anything since. I figured this would be the best time, since my boyfriend and I are in need of some advice!

We are the proud parents to an almost 6 month old domestic long hair kitten named Stanley. He is orange and tan with some really neat markings and a great disposition. When we adopted him in August, he was in rough shape. He was underweight (1.3 lbs), had fleas, a heart murmur, an upper respiratory infection, and was anemic. His mother was missing an eye (we aren't sure why or how it happened) and little Stanley was the only kitten of the litter to survive. We were concerned about his goopy eyes so we took him to the local vet about 3 days after we got him.

Well, we are happy to say that little Stanley has made improvements in great strides! We started using Advantage and got rid of his fleas right away, the vet gave us an ointment and antibiotics to clear up the respiratory infection, and we started feeding him Science Diet kitten food. The poor little guy unfortunately developed a tapeworm from having the fleas so young, but as soon as we saw them, he was back at the vet to get it taken care of. He is now a whopping 5.3lbs (or at least he was when we took him for his last set of shots a little over a week ago), his heart murmur is gone, the anemia is gone, and he's growing quite quickly!

He's a very smart cat who is very playful and likes learning tricks. He is a great snuggler and is very affectionate. He LOVES licking my face while I'm sleeping, which I find so adorable. He is very much in love with us, and I will never forget how the doctor brought him back in at his first vet visit and this little orange fuzzball came running across the exam table looking at my boyfriend & I as if to say, "MOM AND DAD, GET ME AWAY!".

I am looking for some advice, though! Boyfriend and I just moved to Massachusetts in June (I transferred colleges) and we will be traveling home for the holidays. Stanley seems to like car rides well enough and is a very sociable cat. I am relatively sure that he sees every new living creature he encounters as someone or something new to play with. However, we will be driving a little less than 2 hours home and staying with my boyfriends parents, which is home to 3 other cats. We'll also be visiting my family, where there are two other cats. I am not too worried, but I really would appreciate any advice on traveling with a kitten in tow! He has a carrier that he seems quite comfortable with, and we will be bringing "pieces of home" (toys and such) so that he'll have somewhat familiar things around, but we've never done this before and are a little nervous.

Also, I am wondering if anyone has suggestions about a really good type or brand of litter for long haired cats? His hair is beautiful but he gets litter stuck in it practically all the time. The hair between his toes is long and usually full of litter. We're currently using CatAttract brand litter, as he was not quite litter trained when we got him. I just wish there was something else to use so he wouldn't get so bothered by the litter stuck to his paws. It's pitiful to see him try to shake it off and pick it out!

Ok, enough talking, time for pictures!

(I attached them, so hopefully you can view them!)
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Ok, I'll start with the litter first. try to use tidy cat its clumping but clumps looser than other and will stick to the fur less. travaling is an easy one I just traveled thirteen days with two cats we used disposible litter pans until we go to our final destination. We put our kittys in thier own carrier until we got going down the road a bit then opened thier cages to allow them to come out a bit. One of my cats has a nervous tummy so he has accidents w/in the first 10 min of the trip so we put a little of teh aspen in his cage to easly be dumped out and cleaned with wipe other wise is splish splash.

Good Luck

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He's adorable looks like a bigger version of my Lloyd.

As for traveling with him, a crate would be a smart idea (you already said you had one) with a blanket and a toy or two. You another blanket to cover up the crate he he doesn't get so much of a draft and once the car is nice a warm you can uncover the crate.He may meow and want to come out but don't let him out till your in a safe place to do so.Also have him microchiped and/or keep a collar and tag with your information in case he does get out.
Bring his stuff with you (litter box,bed,toys etc...)

I would also suggest that it the home has the 2 other cats you keep them separate for at least a few days if not the whole stay.

Litter... Swheat is a good all natural product so it Yesterdays News (can scoop though)

When your changing the litter do it slowly using the old litter and mixing it with the new litter and weeding out the old.

Good Luck

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