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Help, new kitten, new question.

I will start from the beginning. I currently live in Beijing, China (I am European) and about a month ago I did what no pet lover should do, I woke up and just decided that today I will go and get me a pet. Worst yet I took my girlfriend along with me.

Let me describe the most popular local pet stores before I go on: picture a 6 lane busy street, next to it a 30 floor gigantic glass office building, and next to it a small square big enough to park about 20 cars. However instead of cars you have quite a few people on bicycles, and said bicycles have about 30 small cages each filled with cats, dogs, mice, etc more or less anything you can think of, tied on them. Well, thatís were I went to get my new pet.

Guess what, 3 hours later I was on my way home with 2 cats and 2 mice.

Donít ask why, how could I, couldnít I wait, etc. I was there they looked at me, I looked at them, then I looked at the guy selling them and they had to be mine. I couldnít leave them there. My girlfriend didnít really help in discouraging me, if you know what I mean. For the rodents I will go to the rat people, but I need some help with my kittens, Angel and Orange.

Angel is a snow-white female with the bluest eyes I have ever seen. Thatís how she sneaked her way in my home. She is about 3 month old. Orange, well he has white tummy, white paws, black tail, ears, and face, the rest of himÖ.. orange. He sneaked his way home with his miaoing and purring. He is about 2 month old.

We went strait to the vet who said they are both kind of ok (translated literally from Chines; he has a problem, but it is no problem) Orange had been pained a bit (so now I am waiting for his new colour to show up) and had a bit of poisoning. He recovered quickly and started playing with Angel within a week. And here is where my problem starts.

Angel, being older and bigger, is usually the one who gets the toys first/faster and until recently, when they play fight together she had the upper hand. But now Orange is getting stronger and it seems he gives Angel a bit of a challenge. Now it seems when they play they are much more ferocious, if I can use that term. They stay on edge, fur up, jump on each other and try to claw, each one holding the head of the other with the front paws and clawing with the back. I see that every day they do that they seem to be doing it harder and harder. I am afraid that they would soon start to seriously heart each other. I mean, not but 2 weeks ago, when they played they would give the occasional bite and scratch but the rest of the time it was liking and running.

Another reason I mention this is because it concerns my second problem. A couple of days ago during their play I saw Orange hit/claw Angel across the face/eye. She didnít seem to notice the game went on. However later on that night I noticed that Angel had a swollen eye that was watering. By the next day there was brownish crusts around the eye which was certainly bugging her. I cleaned it with a wet towel but it was back within an hour. Later on that day I noticed that Orange also had the same eye swollen and watering. My first thought was that Angel got him back during a game and they will both be fine within a couple of days. The situation now is though, both of them have crusts round both eyes (I know its normal to have a bit but theirs is too much. The fir next to the eye is even stuck out hard as if they have gel on it.) it obviously bugs them because when they clean each other they cant stop rubbing their eyes. The swelling is gone and their eyes seem not to hurt but they are still watering. They also started sneezing a lot (especial when the purr) the last day, and I attach this to their eyes. They keep scratching their eyes even when they play fight and I am afraid they will not get better. They donít really seem sick (a cold), that is when we got them one of them was sick and he did not behave like this. They both eat, play, sleep, etc as if they are fit, but I am still at a loss.

If you can help me solve my problem or have a word of advise pls send me a quick mail, I am very concerned and would love to have some support from someone other than the cats or the rats.

Thank you,


Ps It is very very windy in Beijing lately, and extremely dusty. Is it possible their eyes get irritated from the dust and that is why they sneeze?
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Okay your first one Angel, all white with blue eyes, is most likely deaf. That should not really affect her ability to be a great pet. Orange sounds almost like a calico but that would mean its a female, Calico genes only go to females for lack of a better way to put it, and you said he so I would love to see pictures of his coloring!

It sounds like they are still just playing. My two go at it every night and my one screams holy murder, even though she isn't being hurt. You would be able to tell the difference between a fight and play if you heard it. Expecially since they are still really young they probably are not fighting. Just remember when they hit six months get them spayed and neutered or your gonna have lots more little angels and oranges!

And your last problem. It sounds like they have an upper respiratory infection. Very common in cats. They need to be checked out by a vet and give some antibiotics and will probably need some ointment for their eyes. The quicker you get to it the sooner it will go away.

I am going to post this here and send it to you in an email. So people know what I told you and can respond adding more information. Good Luck!
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I agree...sounds like and upper respritory infection...possibly the dust blowing around has added to their problems. I would say also to get them checked by the vet again. Sounds like they'll need meds to take care of it.
Good Luck and keep us updated
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I agree with Dena and Chinchilla_Girl

The first thing that came to my mind as I read your post (which I really enjoyed reading!!) was - uh-oh, sounds like an upper respiratory infection.

The second thing I though of - get them spayed/neutered as soon as your vet feels it's safe to do so, I have three cats. Two females and one male. They never seem to "play fight" - there is the infrequent swat and hiss here and there ... maybe my cats are very low key?

I would love, love, love to see pictures of them!! They sound beautiful and unique! I think had I been in your situation I wouldn't have been able to resist them either

Good Luck with them, and please keep us posted!!

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Thank you very much to all of you for your advise. Its really nice to get some support and help.
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