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Unhappy Help for Sunshine

Ok i know ive only posted my hello on here but when this all happened I didnt think twice about coming here for advice.

Im sorry if this is off topic but i wasnt sure where to post this at.

So... my friend who lives across the street called me today, he said that some guy gave him a cat. He said shes not in good shape and since I have 3 cats of my own and helped them when they got thier kitten before he thought hed call me to take a look at her and give him some advice. So i went over and he wasnt kidding. Shes a medium-log haired orange cat, shes really very beautiful, but her hair is filthy and matted, and she looked so depressed. I told him to give her time and not try to force her out of the crate, put food and water near by... that kinda stuff. So, later he called and asked me if I could come over as soon as possible. I did and when i got there he had leather gloves on trying to get the cat into the basement. I didnt really want to know why so I told him to just put the crate out so she could go back in it. We finally got her in the crate and he wasnt being very nice towards her (i guess she had scratched him and what-not, which i dont blame her) so i eventually said that id just take her home and see if i can get her a little more comfortable with people. I then asked about this kitties story. All that he knew was that this guy said that if he didnt take her hed have to kill her, or something like that. I know nothing of what happened to her. I know shes about 5 years old and her name is Sunshine. I can only guess about the rest. Shes not thin, not in the least she acctually pretty big. But she looks very down, and definatly hasnt been taken care of. I put her in our back room with food, water, a litter box, and some blankets. I decided to just open her crate door and leave the room. I went back in to check on her and i was suprised she had used the litter box, because i wasnt sure. I have been going in there about every hour or so and talking to her. I havent touched her or gotten close. Shes come out of the crate and has been in different small places everytime ive went in. What i need advice on is what i should do from here. Id like to take her to a doctor asap but I dont have the money. I dont want to abandon her and take her to a shelter, although i may have to. Im at a loss and was hoping somebody, anybody could give me some advice on what to do. thanks ^^
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Well what you are doing is better than nothing so take heart. Sometimes good food, water and lots of tlc can go a long way.

How matted is she? Does she have any discharge from her eyes? nose? Does she seem to be eating? You can encourage her to eat with some canned food.
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canned food, litter box

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