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Good evening,

This is more of a curiosity question than anything else since the problem seems to have corrected itself.

Last night our five-year-old Calico female cat (BooBoo) was laying on a shelf where we keep our VCR under our TV.

This is a place she frequents often since it is dark and gives what she considers privacy.

All of a sudden we heard a thump and she came flying out of the shelf area 'crying' like she was in pain or some sort of distress.

When she jumped to the floor (about a distance of two feet) she noticeable favored her right front paw or leg.

Once on the floor her 'crying' increased and she started to turn in circles while lying on her side.

My wife managed to get her in her lap and calm her down after about a half an hour of BooBoo being in a crying state.

Her mouth showed no signs of an electric shock which we originally thought might be the cause of her sudden distress and none of the cords between the TV and VCR showed any signs of this type of activity.

My wife and I are at a loss as to what could have caused this sudden 'crying' spell and behavior befitting an animal in pain.

She just had a complete physical and her shots were updated about three weeks ago. Then this past Tuesday she went back to the Vet to have her teeth cleaned. It is my understanding she had to be anesthetized for this procedure.

We are just curious how this is accomplished on a cat and if there is any possibility this could have triggered her crying episode last night?

Thanks and regards,

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If your cat was acting normally from the time of the procedure, up until the incident you described, I'd think it highly unlikely that the anesthesia had any role in the behaviour you described. That's not to say that cats undergoing aneshesia do not occasionally suffer some longer term aftereffects, but on the rare occasion that it happens, the symptoms usually start during recovery and continue for a hours/days or very rarely, a few weeks.

The culprit in these cases is not the isoflorine gas which is (usually) the actual aneshtetic agent, Isoflorine is one of the safest types of anesthesia, and it is quickly out of the system. However, there are occasionally cats that don't tolerate it well. Further, there are a lot of things that can go wrong in during any aneshtesia that are not directly related to the anesthetic agent itself.

In most cases, patients are given an induction agent just prior to anesthesia. It is usually the aftereffects of these drugs that cause the problems. There are several that are commonly used, the most common are ketamine, diazepam (Valium) and xylazine (Rompun). When used correctly, the chances of long term aftereffects are very small.

Many vets I know use a combination of ketamine and xylazine prior to the gas. It is safe, well tolerated and I rarely ever hear of bad experiences. However, we know (from experience with humans) that ketamine can cause hallucinations. Some individuals react differently to different drugs, and occasionally you'll see a patient have a strong reaction to one or more of the drugs used in surgery.

I have seen some cats, particularly very old, or very young, have a hard time recovering from surgery. The symptoms are usually pretty obvious and distincive. However in your case, it sounds like something else may be the cause of your cat's sudden distress.

If she was favoring a foot/leg, I would first consider that she may have been stung/bitten by something. If she was laying on the VCR, it's also possible she may have gotten a claw caught in one of the small cooling vents on top of it (mine has them) and injured herself that way. There may be other explanations, I just can't think of any more right now. Has she shown any further discomfort since then?


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Hi Mygala,

I appreciate you taking the time to send such an informative answer.

Boo is doing fine today!

It just seems that whatever happened only affected her for that evening.

I am starting to feel like you that it might have been some sort of bite although she didn't show any signs of swelling or the like.

Regardless she is fine now and the entrance next to the VCR under the TV is now blocked so no future excursions can be made

Thanks and regards,

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I swear kids can get themselves in trouble anywhere. She may have pinched herself on something. I also know that some animals are a bit more sensitive/dramatic about things than others. I am glad that she is fine now.

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Hi kathydip,

I appreciate your response and concern.

She is fine now and whatever it was it seems to be in her past.

Thanks and regards,

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doing fine, male cat

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