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Question I need Help Please!

I have just recently gottan my diploma as a pet groomer. But I am thinking of starting my own buisness from home. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of what you all pay to get your pets groomed?(trims, baths, buzz, nails, ect.....) I would love to have a better idea of prices so that I can charge even less, to make it easier on people.) Thank you very much!!
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I know dapper Dog charges 10 to trim nails and clean ears. That's it. LOL
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PetSmart Charges $50.00 to bath and clip my long haired dachshund. PetCo Charges $45.00 for the same dog.

There are a couple of provate people here that do grooming as well that charge up to $75.00 for the same dog.

$10.00 for nails only
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Wow...I paid $7.00 for nail trimming(once) on my chihuahua which I about had a cow over.

Grooming around here range from $30.00 to $60.00. Bathing is $12.00. We have alot of them in Wilmington,NC so they keep the prices low.

I know my girlfriend takes her 2 spitz to Petsmart and she pays for full grooming.She said she pays $75.00 for both dogs. That is everything too. The works she calls it.

Hope that helps some.

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thanks it does help I have a huge book of all the different pricings, I want to be the cheapest but the best, I think people derserve that.
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I know around here we pay $8 just for a nail trim, and one of my dogs cost me $55 for bathing, grooming, and nail trim (the whole works) the other cost me $45 for the same, based on their hair not their size and weight... the 3rd dog would be about $35 as she is a very short short haired dog. Good luck on starting your own business.
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cost depends on the area you work in (whats the average income) richer areas charge more and it depends on the size of the dog sometimes even the temperment I have heard of places charging more for difficult dogs
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