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Unhappy I think my cat ate my turtle!

My turtles are currently in this plastic tub with a screened lid on the top with a rock over that. Well I went to check on the pets and saw that the rock and lid was off and 2 out of the 3 turtles were missing! It has been about 3 days know, last time one got out because the lid was not put back on the top we found him still alive 3 days later...Well it has been about 3 days, we have looked everywhere about 30 times between my sister and I. We know turtles move so of course we look a lot and in the same spots...On the first day I found the biggest baby turtle they are about 1 1/2 yrs. but they are still less than 2". I am now beginning to think maybe my cat ate him as it was the smallest one, and could probably fit down his throat! :'(
*I am hoping this didn't happen, and that I find him soon!*
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Play with, beat around, even kill, could in fact happen when a cat meets a turtle, but due to the shell, even at that size, I would imagine you would find some sort of remains if the cat had eaten the turtle.... Odds are, if the cat found him, he tucked away into his shell and got batted around or scratched... I am strongly inclined to believe that the turtle can still be found with a strong chance that it's still alive.

Don't give up!!!! Keep looking! You'd be amazed at how well these turtles can hide and even more amazed at how many times people have stared right at a turtle and not realized it was there. I know I've missed them even when they are right in front of my nose. It's very easy to lose a turtle and VERY HARD to find them....but they can be found

However, if the kitty did eat the turtle, you may want to contact your vet and let them know, and keep a very close eye on the kitty. Turtles carry diseases/bacteria that can be harmful to the kitty's health so just keep a close eye on things.
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Thanks very much. I have checked in the litter box and doesn't look like any turtle remains so far...The cat also has been acting very normal and fine!
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Hope you'll find you turtle...I really don't think the cat could manage to eat the turtle, but you never know with these clever animals...Are you sure the cat hasn't taken the turtle elsewhere..like the basement or even outside?
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My cats NEVER go outside. And are blocked off from the basement because thats where the dogs that have never been introduced to cats are...and they are Akitas...The cats can't go in the attack either....
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litter box

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