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Introducing a Pup to an All Cat Household

Hello fellow cat lovers!

Newbie here! I love all animals & as you can tell by my handle, I have 5 beautiful cats! They range in age from 6-11 years & are all mixed breeds. 4 girls/1 boy! I live in a rural area outside a large city. I have also trapped & neutered 4 feral cats. One of the ferals is now a pet; she's very timid but has the most sweet disposition of all my babies! They're all inside cats w/the exception of the feral, who is an outside-days, inside-nights cat.

My husband & I have had an all-cat household for the last 10 years. We recently added a privacy fence to our backyard & he wants to get a puppy. I'm leery of getting a full-grown dog as it may have not been raised around cats & could be hostile. The pup would most likely come from our county animal shelter.

Does anyone have any advice on how to make this transition smooth on my existing 5 babies? I know this will be a big change in their environment & am prepared for the territorial behavior. The puppy will stay outside most of the time, coming inside during bad weather. I think the pup will adjust fine to the cats but I'm not sure how easy it will be for them to adjust to him/her.

Thanks! I look forward to being a part of this community!
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mom--one thing I noticed about dogs and cats is that cats will let a dog know when he's gone too far. The cats might even warm up to the dog. I had a husky and when I took in a stray for the winter, she loved when the husky would carry her around by the scruff.

In my opinion when it comes to cats and dogs, the cats can usually take care of themselves and the dog will learn to leave the cats alone (the cats have

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in my experience just leave them to it, they will be around the same size just let them get their own pecking order and sort it out amongst themelves, thats always how i have done it and mine have always been fine.
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Thanks everyone! I hope I can have a home where they all get along in harmony. I appreciate your feedback.
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My only fear with getting a pup would be your kittys ages. You get a young pup that is all full of energy it might drive the cats nuts, where as an older dog wont have the boundless energy of a pup.
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I just got a puppy 3 weeks ago and have always only had cats. My youngest cat is almost 2 and very playful but my older cat is 10. I was unsure how my baby would take the new pup bc she hated a stray cat we took in over the summer. Needless to say they love eachother...Misty (the baby) follows Jade (the pup) around the house and usually pounces on her once inawhile but she seems to be pretty gentle with her and jade goes after her oldest (shadow) doesnt really like her and still hisses or meows when shes around, but the dog is fine and the cats will adjust, no real need for the dog to have to stay outside all the time, but i agree that getting a puppy would be better or find a dog that was raised with cats...most shelters have those too. Good luck.
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