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Intro's to my kitties!

I just signed up here and this looks like a nice place to be. I love pictures of our furry companions, looking and sharing mine and thought I would start by introducing mine and their stories...

First is Chester. Chester was brought to me when someone dumped him off in the middle of the night at my son's house. Due to how I work, I was catless at the time and my son insisted I needed a cat since I had always had one and missed having a companion. Chester was about 2 months old and just the sweetiest baby you ever saw with the biggest ears and paws I ever saw on a kitten. Chester is 4 years old this month and has turned into the house protector. He watched over his sister cats and makes sure they behave, taking his role as "Big Brother" very seriously.
Here is my handsome Big Boy!
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Next came Amy. I found Amy in a cage in a pet store on the corner from where I live, with a sign, "Free Kittens". I wanted a kitten that could pass for Chesters litter mate so I got her. Once I picked her up and she leaned on my chest gaving me that sweet little look she still does (that melts my heart), I was hooked and I never put her down until she was home. Soon as I put her down, I noticed something was wrong with her. She wobbled and fell over a lot so as soon as I could get her in at the vets, off she went for tests, X-rays, shots and checking.

Amy has Cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition she was born with that effects her motor skills so I guess you could call her a handicapped little girl, but Amy has many lessons to teach her Mom and the world about determination and overcoming her disability and her limits. (Chester is Amy #1 protector and "mother hen" and he keeps constant watch on his sister so she won't hurt herself.) Amy is one little bundle of LUVIN, purring, sweetness that I just adore! As she grows, her condition worsens so I cherish every minute I have with her. I got her when she was exactly 2 months old and I have had her for 3 years... with each birthday, there is a noticable decline in her abilities to get around but she never quits trying! I just hold her and sob my heart out on her really bad days and Chester hovers over her and watches her every move on those days. Weather and stress is a big factor in how she does. CH kitties stress real bad at the slightest thing so I have to keep her home life as stress free as I can.

Here is my little bundle of love Amy.
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Next came Giz. Giz is my clown! She is always looking for something to get into and you can she the mischief in her eyes when she is bored. My son got Giz to be a companion to Amy and at first, they were real close and were always together but as Amy's CH got worse and she couldn't keep up, they have drifted apart and no longer even sleep together. Giz is simply beautiful and with her clown, funny personality, she is just a real pleasure to have in the house. She is my "potty pal" who always uses that time to tell me all her problems of the day (the only time she is verbal) and wants me to throw things in the bath tub for her to play with so there are always toys in my bathroom for her. This girl is a real HOOT!
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Last is Samantha, my black beauty. There is a story on her. Samantha was found on my doorstep by a neighbor that kept hearing a kitten crying and followed it to my doorstep to find Samantha. She took her home and kept her but every time she would let her out of the house, she ran streight back to my doorstep and cried to come in.. (Let me insert here that my job requires that I am GONE for 28 days at a time but when I am off, I am OFF and home for 28 days)

Eventually, I came home and my heart broke at this kitten crying to come in and even though I knew she was someone elses, I let her in. She would stay here for up to 5 days before her Mommie would come looking for her and take her home. At this time, I only had Chester and he was in love with this black beauty and loved her being here. Samantha would run and hide when she heard a knock on my door, afraid it would be that lady to come take her home and she would fight like a tiger to stay here when she would find her. That was a emotional roller coaster for me, seeing that baby fight so hard to stay with me, KNOWING she wanted to stay and was not being properly cared for and somewhat abused at home and there was NOTHING I could do about it. I use to beg her to just give Sam to me and go get another cat and she wouldn't so this went on for about a year. They moved away and took Samantha and that is when and WHY I got Amy. Chester grieved so bad over loosing his playmate that I had to do something.

About a year later, they moved back and Samanth was pregnant. It was after she had kittens and was about to die from neglect and malnourishment, eaten up with fleas and still sitting on my doorstep again, begging to come in, did the lady agree to let me FINALLY have her. By the time I got her in to the vets to be spayed, she was already pregnant again and I am sure in the condition she was in, having kittens again so soon would kill her... her last babies were only 2 to 3 months old.

Today Samanth is healthy and happy and shows me her gratitude every day for finally letting this be her home. She has turned into a beautiful sweet lap girl that loves her home and has never shown any interest in going back outside again. This is Samantha
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Welcome to Paw Talk! I'm new here too,lol. Chester looks alot like my Harley.
Very handsome kitty you got there!
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he is so cute, he looks like hes so serious lol what a beautiful boy

Proud mommy to Ashley

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He's gorgeous!

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You have very beautiful cats. They are so lucky to have you for a mommy. Your stories brought tears to my eyes. Especially Amy, I had never heard of Cerebellar hypoplasia before. I almost lost a cat to Pyometra. It was very scary when she was sick. Luckily she had open pyometra, it's easier for a person to know something is wrong with the kitty.

Info on pyometra:
My Toby-Bear after her operation.
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My Duke, my sisters poodle had that and she had her uterus removed and has been fine ever since.

This is info on CH.
Cerebellar Hypoplasia
The cerebellum is the portion of the brain responsible for the control of motion. When a puppy or kitten is born with an underdeveloped cerebellum, the condition is known as congenital cerebellar hypoplasia. There are infectious causes of this condition in both cats (panleukopenia infection prior to birth) and dogs (herpes virus infection prior to birth). Improper development of the cerebellum may occur due to injury, poisoning or just from an accident in development in the uterus. It is generally possible to see signs of this condition almost as soon as the puppy or kitten is born. Affected animals have tremors and unusual jerky movements or may fall down when they try to move. The symptoms do not get worse as they age. As the kitten or puppy grows it will learn to compensate for its condition but there are usually lifelong signs of a decreased ability to coordinate movement. Almost all dogs and cats with congenital cerebellar hypoplasia can live happily as pets with a little special care to compensate for their disabilities. This condition can be confused with cerebellar abiotrophy, a different disorder in dogs in which the puppy has a normal cerebellum at birth but it gradually dies. Signs of disease identical to cerebellar hypoplasia occur but the timing is different. Puppies with this condition seem normal at birth but usually start to show signs of problems after they are 2 months or more of age.
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all your cats are beautiful--ilove giz's face. i have a black beauty of my own who also loves the bathroom and will keep you company during potty time, her name is daisy. everyone told me you can't name a black cat daisy but i guess i showed them. anyway great stories on all your cats. all mine are rescues and they definitly appreciate it.
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black cat, pet store

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