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Kitten Question

I'm sure I'm driving you all insane but please bear with me....I'm new to this and trying to decide whether to harass Alex about keeping him or not.
So far this little man seems to be super friendly!!! He runs up to anyone and starts purring his head off. He loves Biscuit, hasn't met the bunnies yet but he met my best friend's bunnies last night and didn't do much with them. He loves people! So what I want to know is does this mean he will most likely be a super friendly kitty for life or could he change as he gets older?
and how do I get him to stop play biting!!!!

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Wacky Chimpnose
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if he bites, spray him in the face with water using a water bottle. that is the easiest way to try and curb the behavior. or you can try putting a toy in his mouth to substitute for your hands, etc.

let us know how it goes.

you can also try looking up some tips online.

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Carmen all kittens/cats definitely have their own personality, if he is sweet now and continues to receive spoiled treatment it is likely he will remain sweet.... Our pickles was bottled fed by us, and she is the sweetest kitty, however she has her devious side (like most cats do)
Jane gave good advice about the water bottle, use that for any behavior problems, such as scratching at the furniture, curtains, etc..... Our cats see the water bottle and run the other direction now
If he is a kitten he will surely grow up with Biscuit and the buns so you may have a confused kitty later on in life, haha.... Pickles thinks she is a dog/rabbit not really sure if she realizes she is actually a cat...... She loves snuggling with the bunnies when they are out, and before we put a top on the pen she would get in there and sleep with them or play with them throughout the day as well.
Good Luck on your decision
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Tarzan Mama of Two
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Thanks guys! At this stage alex is saying no way to the kitten. I mentioned in the other thread that he thinks with his head, I think with my heart. I would love to keep him, I really would but convincing Alex isn't going to be easy and sometimes it's better to let sleeping dogs lie. I'm enjoying his company right now and I kinda hope he doesn't go tomorrow. If he does I won't even get a chance to say goodbye (which could be better for me). He has had a very hectic day and is sleeping in his box right now (a cardboard box with some old towels in it). If he comes out later, I'll get the water spray ready! He hasn't tried to scratch anything yet, which is good!
Biscuit has taken on the 'frightened mother role'. If he goes to her she runs away petrified. But she has been constantly rolling him on his back and licking his private areas and concentrates a lot when she does it. I thought it was weird cause the kitten was purring and lying there, letting her do it. I know that dogs do that to their puppies, so I came online and read that cats do it to their kittens. It put my mind at ease cause he hadn't done anything in his tray all day, or left me any surprises. When I left him he was scratching around in the litter (Biscuit has been outside for a couple of hours) so hopefully he will go tonight.
He has drank a good amount of the kitten milk, and eats very small amounts of the dry food. But then I look at the size of him and figure he probably doesn't need that much food!

I just had a call from my best friend. Her future bil is looking for a kitten, and they want to get into kitten rescue soon too so they are going to let him know. I'm happy handing him over to any of Peter's family, cause they are all huge animal lovers and I've seen their animals. They know what they are doing and all their animals are very well behaved and very spoiled. They live two hours away so I'd never see him again but I would get to hear stories from Danni and Peter. anyway guys I'll let you know what happens.

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