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Question kittens and older cats?

Hi all, I am trying to talk my husband into getting a new kitten but as we have a 3yr old cat already I am not sure how he would react to another cat in the house, I know that you have to introduce them slowly and keep them apart for the first wee while but would like some more advice on how to go about having a new kitten in the house.

My cat cooper is very much a loner who doesn't really like kisses and cuddles, he like's to pretend you are his prey and stalks us and likes to chew on us, he is also one of the laziest cat's I know who likes nothing better than finding somewhere comfy to curl up and fall asleep. Would it be a good idea to try to introduce another cat into our house? Cooper is an indoor cat but does regulary see other cats through the window of our house, there is one cat in paticular who sits on our windowsill looking in at cooper. Cooper sit's and stares at him making funny purring noises in his throat, we are not sure if this is because he is scared of the other cat or just worried he will try to steal his house, he has never hissed at the other cat and doesn't seem to want to frighten him away. In all the time we have had cooper he has only ever hissed 3 times, once at the vet who was trying to cut his nails, once at my friend who was holding him when I was cutting his nails and once at my husband who accidently stood on his tail!! He is not an aggresive cat, he is very laid back but just prefers to be on his own. He likes to snuggle on the couch next to you at night but will never come close enough to sit on your lap or be petted for any longer than five minutes.
Any advice on how to go about introducing him to a new kitten would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you all in advance.

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I think (that's scary - lol ), that if he's not really a "people cat", and hasn't been aggressive towards his outside friend, he may just do okay with another kitty - in fact he may LOVE having a companion.
My best friend has 2 older cats that are best friends, and keep to themselvesand lay around in her upstairs rooms, and when she brought in a kitten last year - they had no problem with him at all.

Good luck, and keep us updated !

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I agree with Sharon. I think you'll be fine adding a kitten to your household since it doesn't sound like Cooper is aggressive to other cats. Good luck!
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Thank you both for your advice, will let you know when I get my new kitten and let you know how cooper is with it.
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My cat is over 1 yr. Not really sure her true age and I have been slowly introducing her to the new kitten and have not a single problem. She does hiss and get nasty with my neighbors outdoor cats, but seeing as there is a sliding glass door in between them she can act as tough as she likes without any consequences. I don't think she would do well with an older cat but the kitten seems fine.
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I had two older cats when my husband brought Tigger home and they did just fine. The older cats seemed to "mother" him. Tigger was the rough and rowdy one because he was a kitten. He still is the the rowdy one--I dont guess he ever grew up. LOL
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