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I have 2 cats, 2 litterboxes.
They are in my utility room, as there's no where else to put them. That's not really a problem (other than that I don't have room for a third box), but the boxes just aren't doing it for me.

They are both covered boxes, one is really big and I put a lawn trash bag in it (and it's still not quite big enough) and the other has super jumbo extra large bags.

The bags make things way easier for me to clean, but the cats are always ripping them to shreds.

I know I need to be better at scooping them more often, but it's hard to remember some times. I've thought about a self cleaning box but I'm not too excited about having to buy the replacement boxes and stuff, especially with 2 cats worth of waste going in them.

Any recommendations for an easy to clean, covered box? Or other ideas for lining them for easy cleaning??

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I have three cats and use one litterbox, I just scoop everyday which truly is the key. I have tried every self cleaning litterbox you could imaging including one that cost me $400.00 which I really liked but my husband hated because he said it did nothing for reducing odor. I went back to a regular old covered litter box and a litter locker (very similar to a diaper genie for babies). The automatic ones don't work as well as you may think they do and when a thourough cleaning is needed it takes about an hour to clean them as opposed to the ten minutes it takes me a week to wash down a regular litterbox. I use a high quality litter and sometimes I can get away with scubbing it down every 2 weeks. Now since its been so hot here they have been drinking a lot more water and I choose not to wait 2 weeks. Another trick, actually this one is from owning one of those rake type automatic litterboxes, is to spray silicone lubricant on the inside of your clean dry box, let it dry and then add the litter. It prevents clumping litter from sticking to the box itself.
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I just get into the habit of scooping them right after I feed my guy. It is just a habit that I get into. It's part of a daily routine. I feed mine twice a day and before I go to bed and in the morning are good times to just scoop and toss out. You will be happier doing this then spending a lot of money on boxes that aren't going to do anything to rid you of smells you are trying to get rid of.
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I only have one cat! but latly I been trying differant litters, my cat isnt to terrible picky, she just goes in her box regardles of the change. Right now i am useing this chrystal stuff and it seems to work pretty well! i have been useing it for a week now, i just scoop out the poo before i go to bed and rake around the chrystals. i havnt smelt anything, except when my cat first goes to the bathroom. My next investment is going to be the littler locker. Many people on here swear by it. I wish you luck.
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covered litter box, litter box

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