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Little Problems

Good afternoon everyone.
I have a couple things I'm wondering if anyone can help me with...
First of all... We just got a new cat/kitten (about a week or two ago now) and she has a couple issues. She's a farm cat. The people we got her from have alot of cats around their house, since there's a farm next door. When we got her, she had some issues with her ear, and various things. The people we got her from, said that about a week or two previous to us getting her, she had gotten bit by either a raccoon, or possibly the neighbor dog, and since then, she's had this crick/kink going on in her neck. After we got her home, we bathed her, and cleaned her up and such. Her ear looked pretty yucky, and she still had the weird neck thing going on. She looks like she's looking at something, like cocking her head to the side, but it's permanently like that. (In my signature, you can kinda see what I mean...) So the next day, we took her to the vet. The only thing he could tell us was that maybe she had a deep ear infection, and that could be why her head has the tilt going on. Anyway, she's now been on medication for about almost two weeks... I know we were told not to expect anything to happen right away, but she still has this head thing going on. It's affecting her balance, because she's not able to jump off of anything, like the sofa, or off a chair or anything a little high up. So it's kinda weird...And now, her right eye is acting up. I'm not sure if it's always been like this, or happenned just recently. (It's hard to say, because we are focused on her weird head tilt thing mainly).. But she has this like, third eyelid thing going on... Her other eye would be closed normal, and the other eye is like half open, but once in awhile the third eyelid closes over it. (Which looks really yucky!) And the area around her eye looks alittle bit swollen. And if you like, snap your fingers near her right eye or whatever, she doesn't blink it... But at the same time, I'm almost positive she can still see out of it...
So I don't know... It's really weird! We have a scheduled vet appointment for the 13th of November, and if she's healthy enough, she'll start her vaccinations...
But in the meantime, I"m wondering if anyone has ever seen a case like this before? I never have, lol, and just wanted to feel a little better about it.
I love our little Marla, and I just hope she's alright!

(Sorry about the long, rambling post!!)
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So the vet is sure the head tilt is only due to an infection? If she was bitten by another, possibly much bigger, animal would it be possible that there is some sort of actual physical injury causing the head tilt? I'm only speculating. Does she seem to be in any discomfort when she's petted or manipulated?

As for the eyes, did the vet mention the possibility of conjunctivitis? It would be very common for a farm kitty to be exposed to something like feline herpes (a virus) or even several bacterial strains. I dealt with feline herpes flare ups with my girls, and it can get quite nasty if not dealt with. There are anti-viral eye drops available, but they typically have to be ordered from a pharmacy that does compounding. I found about this (the one I use is called Idoxuridine) when I consulted a vet at MedVet in Columbus, OH. Discuss this treatment in detail with your vet if he/she thinks that's the cause. Is there any yellow/white creamy discharge? If it's gotten to that point kitty probably needs antibiotic eye ointment. There are actually some antibiotic ointments with some antiviral properties as well.

Was your vet not concerned that your unvaccinated kitty was possibly bitten by a raccoon?

I hope all progresses well - she's a real doll!
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Well, the vet wasn't really quite sure when we took her in... He was basically guessing, I assume, and figured the medicine could at least clear some of whatever it might be... She's ALOT better than she was when we first took her home. She used to sleep ALL day, and like barely move, and she had had a fever when we seen the vet. And now, she's as fiesty as ever... It's just the eye and head thing now we're worried about. I'm thinking also that her head tilt could be from a physical injury... She really doesn't seem to be in any pain that I can notice... But I have picked her up once or twice, and her shoulders made this cricky noise, but I don't think it hurt her, cos' she didn't react at all...
She doesn't have any discharge coming from her eyes... It just seems a bit puffier on the one weird eye side of her face... But it could also be from her trying to jump off the sofa... Which she can't even do, since her whole balance/equilibrium seems to be off, so she just kinda falls off onto the floor. =\
I'm hoping they might be able to tell us more at her next checkup.. I've been keeping a list of questions I have for the vet, lol, so he'll be in for awhile next time we come.
I hope all goes well though, because my husband and I are totally in love with this little kitty.
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This is what the cat's tilty head usually is like, well, this is a silly pic, cos' I snapped it when she was cleaning herself, so no, she's really not that retarded, but that's how her head usually is when she's standing normal.

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Oh, poor Marla...
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It'd be really cute if she was just doing that for a minute.

Hope you get her taken care of! Poor little thing!
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Oh she looks so sweet. It looks like our Tabby bunny did. She had pastuerella (sp?). I don't know if kitties can get it like that. I have read that kitties, puppies and even humans can carry it.
Keep us posted about her.

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I'd be tempted to ask for a set of x-rays, especially if you're hearing crinky noises...just to assess the possibility of mechanical injury in her poor little neck. Again, just my opinion...poor little kiddo.
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Good luck, I agree with millie, ask for an x-ray of the neck.

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Just alittle update, we have our next vet appt. tomorow.
But little Marla is doing loads and loads better since I did this post. She now can jump off and onto things pretty well and she can go up and down steps finally (I think if she thinks about it too much, then she kinda freaks out) so she's doing loaaaaaaads better now. And her little head isn't as crooked as it was. It's a little sideways, but not too bad like before.
And our other cat, Lucy, isn't sick anymore. I think it was just a passing thing.
So both our kitties seem alright nows.
Just wanted to update you all a little.
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Sounds like the vet was right about the infection. It probably just needed time for the antibiotics to heal.

I would be kindof concerned about he animal that bit her though, if she wasn't vaccinated before you got her. I would keep a close eye on her and maybe look up the signs of rabies, just to be sure.

Hope all goes well. She is really cute!
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Hiya! Another update.
We took Marla in, and the vet said she was looking alot better, but still was concerned about the head tilt. He's thinking it might be a polyp (Sp?) in her middle ear. He was saying that she still has the ear infection, and a ruptured eardrum. Poor little darling. But she IS healthy enought to be declawed (front only) and spayed (Sp?). (3 Weeks from now she goes in) And when she's under, they're going to check out if there's anything going on in her ear. He was saying that if it was a polyp, you usually can see them with just using that deelie you look into their ears with. But since he couldn't, he said there migh be something else. So yeah...
I'm a bit worried that it'll be a bit much for the poor little bugger, being declawed, spayed, examined, and then on top of that, get a couple more vaccinations...
Maybe I'm just overly worried about the poor kitty. (I'm a worry wart!)
But anyways, just wanted to share this with you all.
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ear infection, poor kitty

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