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Unhappy Male cats spraying

I am in danger of losing one or two of my precious boys (cats). I have 6 cats in the house. I love all of them very much. Each one is either a stray, rescue, or one I have adopted from an animal shelter.
I have 2 male cats (neutered when they were very young) that have a "spray" war going on. They don't like each other, and never have, so they try to saturate the house with their spray to see who is the boss, I guess. My mother lives with me, and is sick and tired of our house smelling like cat pee. It's really bad. They completely ruined a couch, a chair, and big patches of carpet, walls where paint has come off, and our kitchen cabinet doors are warped because of all the "urine." She wants me to get rid of both or at least one of these cats. I just can't bear to do it. These 2 males are the most affectionate to me, and they just love me. One of them has cerebellar hypoplasia, and I can't just put him anywhere. He is very dependent on me.
My mom keeps thinking that there is some kind of a hormone pill or something that might make them stop doing that. Do you know of anything like that? We have tried Feliway, but the areas are so bad that we can't get the smell out before we put the Feliway there, so it doesn't work. Also, the Feliway is so expensive...
Help!! I don't want to lose my boys!
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Question Does anyone have any suggestions?

I had written a few days ago about my male cat spraying all over. I have heard that there are medications, etc. that help. Has anyone tried these? Did they work? Help?
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For the smell I would highly recommend a vinegar/water solution if it is that bad, I would use a 50/50 solution or even a 75/25 solution. Let it dry completely, and do it again. Once the 2nd time has dried, then use the Feliway. You mentioned both males are neutered, do you have any females that are not spayed? If you have unfixed females this could be one of the causes for the spraying. It could also be something more on the medical side, like a UTI, even if one cat has a UTI and is spraying/peeing all over, the other will follow because the scent is already there. To rule out anything medically I would suggest taking both males to your vet and while there talk to he/she about other ways to help prevent the problem, providing medical reasons are ruled out
Cat spray is never a pleasant odor, and there are plenty of us that have had our share of that aweful smell.
Make the appt. for your vet, and go for from there, in the meantime use the vinegar/water solution.
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