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my cat is vomiting after recent spay

My cat was spayed last Thursday, and I picked her up Friday morning. (She also had her vaccines updated). She ate a small amount when she got home, and I kept her quiet and resting. Saturday night my husband saw her throwing up. It was a small amount of bile. I assumed it might be from the anesthesia. On Sunday I boiled her some chicken. She ate it, but I got it all back within 20 minutes. It had a lot of clear liquid mixed with it. I didn't know her little belly could hold that much! (She is a hairless sphynx, and only weighs 3 lbs.) There is also diarrhea in the littler box. Her urine output seems normal. I have done the "pinch" test, and she doesn't seem dehydrated. (Yet!) I am keeping a close eye on that. Her behavior is pretty normal. Her surgery incision looks great. I have introduced her to a heating pad on low (hairless kitties love that!) in a quiet spare bedroom. She comes out frequently for some loving, and to use her litter box.

While I know vomiting and diarrhea is not normal, I don't feel they have been excessive. (3-4 loose stools and 4-5 pukes since Saturday). What I am worried about is the lack of eating, and that we are now 5 days post-op. The doctor said to bring her in, but with no obvious sign of infection, I hate to traumatize her with another trip to the vet. I assure you she will go if she seems to be in any distress. Has anyone else experienced these lasting effects from surgery and/or vaccines? For now we will try keeping her quiet, well loved, and chicken soup! (the broth)
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Getting vaccines updated and spayed is a lot to thrust on a kitty! That's a LOT of stress on her body. :/ Was that the vet's idea?
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Yes, it was the vet's idea to have it all done at the same time. Since my 2 recently-moved-out adult kids "dumped" this kitty on their mom, I had no shot records. She will be 1 on Dec 5, so I figured shots were imminent anyway.
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My mom's cat was plucked off the street preggers a day before giving birth in the vet. While she was under (for some reason the vet c-sectioned her to spay her in 1 go) they must have vaccinated her as well bc she came home up to date on feline leukemia and aids etc. . . Mama (what we called her) was fit as a snuggle to nurse her babies and heal.

(come to think of it, spaying her while needing to nurse was probably not a good idea, maybe I'm wrong on that info)

Is it something to do with hairless cats? Maybe her genetics or something?
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Is she better now?
Honestly, if you have doubts about the vet's advice, maybe a second opinion would be the best thing.
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diarrhea, not eating

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