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Lightbulb My kitten keeps peeing in my bed! please help im lost!

My kitten Luna is 4 months old. I've had her for 2.5 months. She has one litter box fed wet and dry food and its all in the same room changed litter type (still same brand) about a month ago.

I recently got a new blanket from my aunt that has 2 dogs and I didn't wash it just put it on my bed. Well later that day I feel a wet spot on my bed. I was just thinking it was my mom's dog so I washed everything thinking it'd get my aunts dog scent off of it so my dog will not pee on them again. This was about 2 weeks ago.

A few days ago I went to lay in my bed, rolled over and just smelt pee all over the sheet (not any on blanket) I assumed it was dog again so I washed everything today. Well I put the bottom sheet on my bed and a few hours later I put my blankets on the still clean bottom sheet. I got ready for bed grabbd my kitten and layd down with her and showed her some love well she walked away and so I got up to go to the other side of the room to take my medicine and when I come back one of the blankets have pee on them! It been her all this time but I have absolutely no clue how to help male her stop. She's eating/drinking normally she uses her litter box like I've seen any other cat use one she is lovey sometimes sleeps plays with me or my dog she seems happy... So why is she peeing on my bed at random times and how do I make her stop? Please help me!
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She might not like the litter. Is it scented? Cats don't like scented litters. Also, she should probably have a second litter box. Cats like to use one box for urine, and another for poop, since they're such clean creatures. Doesn't matter if you scoop out the box or change the litter every day, some cats just do NOT like using the same box for everything.
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