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My Kitten Is Peeing On My Bed!!!!!!

First off I have to say this is my first kitten so I don't have a lot of knowledge with kittens.
I have had Archie for 2 weeks. He was very skittish at first but soon grew to be very affectionate.The first time he peed on my bed, I had put new food out for him, as he eats raw food and the pet store recommended a different brand. He threw it up and later peed on my bed.
The second time I put his food out and he didn't eat it. I went to work and came back later then usual so obviously it was too long without his food so he peed again.
Then I was very careful to spend a lot time with him, make sure he was fed every couple hours, his litter box clean, and then one morning I woke up to find he had peed on my bed. I was very frustrated because it didn't seem as though there had been a reason.
My roomate pointed out that my door had been shut for a few hours in the night so I figured that was the reason.
So I didn't let him in my room for two days. A friend said that the peeing was most likely from my door being shut and him not being able to use the litter box.
So last night I came home from work and fed him and played with him for a few hours before going out for drinks with friends. I came home quite late around 1 and got ready for bed. I left my door open so he could get in and out and sleep with me if he wanted.
I was half asleep and he was pawing at the duvet, I thought he was simply playing with my feet as he always does but then I realised that the duvet was WET and much wetter then it had even been. I turned on the light to see that he had peed ALL OVER the duvet in at least 4 places and a lot of pee. Before it had been small amounts.
I realise that he is very upset about something but I don't know what.
I don't have other cats.
I live with a roomate but she's never home and her door is always shut.
The litter is the same he's always been eating.
And he's eating the same raw food that he really seems to love.
I am taking him to the vet this week to rule out a urinary problem but I don't think it is that because he is still using the litter box, it's only when I come home and open the door that he runs in and pees.
I am just at my wits ends.....

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How old is the kitten? Sometimes kittens that are really young in age can forget that they have a litter box to use and will go where they feel comfortable, sadly this is your bed. We had a few that did that to us, even had one that pee'd on me during the night, well that was the last time they were allowed in our bedroom until we felt comfortable that they knew where the litter box was and what it was used for. You are doing the right thing by taking the kitten to the vet, because yes a URI is a possibility, and even though the kitten is using the litter box that doesn't mean he doesn't have an infection. If you want to try and rule out a possible URI you can place very minimal litter or even a tiny bit of shredded paper in the litter box and after the kitten goes pee look for crystals. Although this is NOT 100% so I would still go to the vet.
Cats are very smart, and it could be that he is mad at you for NOT spending enough time with him. Although it does sound like you are spending that quality time with Archie, so I doubt that is it.
If you want you can try enclosing him in a bathroom or small space with his food/water and litter box for a few days to a week than try letting him out for free roam after that (providing a URI is ruled out). Sometimes kittens just need to be confined to a smaller space to get properly trained in using the litter box 100% of the time.
Best of luck to you
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Ya know I had to come and edit: because I was 1/2 asleep yesterday I so meant to say UTI and not URI..............sorry
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I agree with Kim...go to the vet and see if he has a UTI...if not, when you aren't right there with him or when you go to bed at night, lock him in a bathroom with food/water and litter. Confining him to a smaller space should help him to know where the litter is. You may also want to add a second litter box to your bedroom in case he gets locked in there. Also, you will need to really clean your sheets and blankets because as long as he can smell his own urine, he will continue to pee on them. Sometimes you just can't get cat urine smell out of fabrics, so if he continues to pee on them, you'll need to throw them out and get new ones. I hope this helps and let us know what the vet finds.
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