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my kitties

Well, I have to kitties right now who are not getting along very well. My older cat who is a 2 year old male doesn't like my recently adopted (about a month and a half ago) 7 month old female. He's trying to establish his dominance over her by jumping on her back (he's neutered and she's spayed btw) and licking her alot but then turns to bite her. And she doesn't want to accept him as dominant so she does the same. I've been using a spray bottle on whoever starts the fight so I can separate them. So far, they sometimes play together but the get irratated and pounce on each other. And of your suggestions would help though.
Background info on both cats:
Simba has been with me for 2 years. I received him as a 2 week old because they were going to send all his sibblings to the pound. He was very anemic and had an upper respiratory infection. He was treated and bottle fed for almost 2 months. Never been around any cats until he was 5 months old. I got a male kitten (3 mos.) and Simba didn't like him so he had to be given away. Then at 1 1/5 a cat came to visit us. She was 1 year old and very dominant and didn't allow Simba to get close to her so they never fought because Simba kept his distance. He's also extremely spoiled and gets anything I can find suitable for a cat. He sleeps next to me and although he bites and scratches me at times I'm sure he loves me.
Sky was adopted from the shelter because I liked her and Simba seemed to like her too and also because she was sick. I know from working at that shelter that they put animals to sleep if they are sick so I had to take her since she was so young. She had lived with other cats before. She recovered from most of her troubles except ear mites which she is being treated for.
Sorry for the long post. Just trying to give you every bit of info on them as I can in case you have any suggestions. Thanks
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Simba is better behaved now. Although sometimes he still feels the need to knock her down. They play together sometimes and they already slept at the same time. They didn't sleep together but at least they feel comfortable to go to sleep. They also eat and go to the litter box around each other.
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Your cats are cute! Sometimes it just takes awhile for them to get along!
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Thank you...I've heard that can take weeks or even months. They are currently sleeping in the same room with me looking after them.
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Cute cats!
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It sounds like they are really just playing. I have a male who constantly pounces on my two girls all the time. They absolutely hate him but he never purposely hurts them. My one girl screams bloody murder but she did that when she played with her sisters as a kitten. There is never any blood drawn, no wounds its just annoying at all the wracket they make. It may just be how they play and you don't have to worry so much about them as you do your own ears.
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I did think they were playing since neither of them was hissing or growling at each other. I was just not sure. They never did hurt each other. Just heard a few loud meows here and there. I do think that the rough playing behavior should be stopped though. I'm not always going to be able to watch over them when they are together and I don't want them to hurt each other. I still keep them apart for the time being until I'm sure they wont do anything to each other.
This is a picture I took today and I do think they're starting to like each other
They do have separate bowls but Sky tends to choose Simba's over hers. And the other pic is how Simba is with her. He jumps on her and licks her...stays there for a few seconds if she doesn't struggle then gets off. If she does struggle then he gets rough.

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maybe hes just a very affectionate cat... i think its cute
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lol...I think he is. He doesn't do that anymore as often as before. They have their bad moments like once or twice a day though. I'm not sure if I should let them just work it out by themselves or intervene with my squirt bottle. Right now I'm letting them do what they want since they're not doing it often. They sleep in the same room already. I leave them together the whole day also.
He also loves licking her. I don't think she's had that much attention before so she's probably not use to it yet.

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ear mites, litter box, respiratory infection, upper respiratory infection

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