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Unhappy My older cats are peeing/pooping on everything, INCLUDING the litterbox.

A few years back, one of my cats (both female) started peeing in the corner of the living room. Because I was off at college and my mom was at work, we never knew which one was doing it. After a few google searches, it seemed that the most likely cause was a UTI, so we took them both to the vet.

Both of them came back with no problems. One of them had some small crystals in her bladder, but the vet gave her medicine that supposedly fixed that.

Even after their trip to the vet, they still pee and poop wherever they feel like it. In the litter box (which, mind you, has been the same box with the same litter since they were kittens), outside the litter box, on the couch, in every carpeted corner of every room, in the middle of the floor in every room, on the bathmats, on my sister's clothes, on the bed.... under the bed. If we cover their normal spots with something (box lids in the corner, putting plastic covers over the mattresses, keeping our clothes off the floor), they just find somewhere else to go. They've become an absolute nightmare. My mom is miserable.

I have no idea what to do now. It isn't isolated to one location and it's not like they're not using their box. They're just also using everywhere else. Otherwise, they seem healthy and happy. No lying around the house looking sickly or meowing any more than usual. My mom feeds them one in the morning before she goes to work and again when she gets home. They each get a dish of a semi-wet pouch food. They mostly lick the gravy stuff off the food pieces and ignore the food, but do eventually eat it when they realize they're not getting more gravy. They also get a bowl of dry food for when they're really not getting their gravy food. Goes without saying that there's always clean water around.

Any thoughts? I'm so sick of having to clean up their business all over my mom's house and so is she, but I have no idea what it could be or how to deal with it

PS: Both cats are in double digits now age wise. They were double digits when this all started too. I just can't remember exactly how old they were.
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How big is your litter box? Do you have more than one?
Is it covered? Where is the entrance – front? top?
Where is it located? Are they scooped every day? How often are they cleaned?

If you have two cats, you should have two litterboxes. The boxes should be big enough that they can turn around in them easily.
They should also be somewhere where the cats feel safe. They should be able to look out at the room while doing their business, yet private enough that they don't feel vulnerable.
They should be scooped every day, at least once a day.

Where is the entrance? Older cats start getting stiff joints – top entry litter boxes become difficult for them to enter.

Just some thoughts. Hope this helps.
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There are a few possibilities.

I wonder if the cats are spayed. Sounds like they may not be.

I wonder if the litter boxes are kept clean. Two cats, three litter boxes, scooped at least twice a day, is absolutely the minimum.

I wonder if there is some stress factor that has been added to the household.

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cat peeing, help please, uti

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